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The National Map Subcommittee Report

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The National Map Subcommittee Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The National Map Subcommittee Report. Steve Wallach – Vice Chair, NGAC Mark DeMulder - Chief, National Geospatial Program Larry Sugarbaker – Strategic Advisor for The National Map. U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey. The National Map subcommittee report.

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The National Map Subcommittee Report

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the national map subcommittee report

The National MapSubcommittee Report

Steve Wallach – Vice Chair, NGAC

Mark DeMulder - Chief, National Geospatial Program

Larry Sugarbaker – Strategic Advisor for The National Map

U.S. Department of the Interior

U.S. Geological Survey

the national map subcommittee report1

The National Map subcommittee report

The National Map white paper – Steve Wallach

The National Map status report – Mark DeMulder

The National Geospatial Program strategic plan – Larry Sugarbaker

Transportation workshop – Larry Sugarbaker

the national map

The National Map

Base topographic data


Continuously maintained

Nationally consistent

Developed and maintained through partnerships

Available on line

Source for products and services

important national map data activities
Important National Map Data Activities
  • National Hydrographic Dataset (NHD) – advancing the state stewardship program
  • Elevation – developing a program charter for a national Lidar initiative and making significant investments in Lidar data through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funds
  • Imagery – actively working the IFTN initiative
  • Transportation – discussions with Census and DOT to support strategic plan development
  • Geographic Names – Integrating names with geospatial datasets (Hydrographic Dataset and Structures Dataset)
new national map viewer late 2009 release
Fast Base Map

100% National Map Content

One-stop to Download National Map Data and view Map Services

Direct Access to Topo Maps (USGS store)

New Advanced Features

New National Map ViewerLate 2009 Release

Historic USGS quadrangle scanning

  • Scan complete collection of
  • approximately 250,000 USGS
  • quadrangles existing as paper
  • copies, using consistent, high
  • quality specifications
  • Provide all editions and all scales
  • matching US Topo release cycle
  • All maps will have complete
  • Metadata
  • GeoPDF files available for
  • download from USGS Store

Topographic Maps fromThe National Map Data

  • Create next generation 7.5-minute USGS topographic maps
  • Bundle with scanned historic topographic maps
public access through usgs store
Public Access Through USGS Store
  • As of August 24, 2009, 7,393 maps (all produced since May, 2009) are available for immediate download.
    • GeoPDFs distributed free
    • Hardcopy maps (Map on Demand) - a priced product
  • Initial hardcopy products through USGS as plotted maps on demand
the current plan

The Current Plan

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2005-1379

The National Geospatial Programs Office

A Plan for Action

By Karen Siderelis, Ivan DeLoatch, Mark DeMulder, Henry (Hank) Garie, Mark Naftzger, Robert (Bob) Pierce, and Stanley (Stan) Ponce

U.S. Department of the Interior October 2005


Purpose – Place geographic knowledge at the fingertips of the Nation

Vision - Transform the processes of Government to implement key components of the NSDI

Mission - Provide leadership and guidance for stakeholders and implement key components of the NSDI

Transformation toward….

a national GIS

matters and places of national importance

management excellence

key national requirements

Resource Management

Human Services and Infrastructure Development


Disasters and National Security

Key National Requirements

Business Case for National GIS

Environment and Ecosystem Services

defining the future of the national map what our customers are asking for
Defining the Future of The National Map: What our customers are asking for…
  • Imagery, elevation and geodetic control data are important geospatial data layers. These modernized and improved layers should form the foundation of The National Map enabling the integration and improvement of other data layers.
  • In addition to the foundation layers, the most important data needs are:
    • Transportation
    • Hydrography
    • Boundaries
    • Parcels
defining the future of the national map summary finding
Defining the Future of The National Map: Summary Finding…
  • We should have a goal to improve geospatial positional accuracy consistent with customer needs.
  • Most regional or national mapping needs could be satisfied with a 3 year update cycle. The exceptions are that parcels and transportation data require a yearly update and customers would be satisfied with 5 year updates for elevation data.
  • Retention of data to support trend analysis is a high priority for scientific investigations and other applications.
national geospatial program at usgs key questions and issues for a changing landscape
National Geospatial Program at USGSKey questions and issues for a changing landscape
  • Prioritizing customer requirements – science needs, parcels, higher quality data, more frequent updates
  • How do we integrate and manage data layers within The National Map when other agencies have A-16 responsibilities?
  • The edge of the map is growing – 12 miles? 200 miles?
  • Time/History
  • How will we resolve free and open versus licensed and restricted data policy questions?
  • Toward a National GIS?
  • Organizational challenges - rebuilding not declining

It is time to decide what we will be.

strategic plan key milestones four iterations 15 months
Strategic Plan Key MilestonesFour Iterations – 15 months

Cycle 1 - Mission and Purpose, Strategic Issues Discovery, Link to Enterprise Architecture

Cycle 2 – Mission and Purpose, Strategic Issues Definition, Business Requirements, Enterprise Architecture Adjustments

Cycle 3 – Strategic Issues Resolution, Strategic Actions, Business Requirements, Data, Services, Products, Enterprise Architecture Adjustments

Cycle 4 – Data, Services, Products, Final Enterprise Architecture

Completion - September 2010

Yellow text – plan component completion

the national map and ngac
The National Map and NGAC
  • NGAC TNM Subcommittee will review at key milestone points
  • NGAC – working on key strategic questions
    • National Policy
    • Public data
    • Parcels
transportation developing a strategic direction

TransportationDeveloping a strategic direction

  • DOT, Census and USGS to jointly sponsor a small workshop to frame the National Transportation Dataset issues and opportunities.
    • October timeframe
    • Expected output is a whitepaper
  • High level input to the DOT Transportation for the Nation strategic planning activity.