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The Olympic Values

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Equality. The Olympic Values. Hollee, Ehlana, Jonah and Alicia. In this show, you will find out:. How it effects the Olympics. How important Equality really is. Why equality is important. People who are known for their equality work. Why is equality important?.

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the olympic values


The Olympic Values

Hollee, Ehlana, Jonah and Alicia

in this show you will find out
In this show, you will find out:

How it effects the Olympics

How important Equality really is

Why equality is important

People who are known for their equality work.


Why is equality important?

  • Equality is very important in todays world. It lets the world live in peace.
  • It lets everyone know that we are all humans. No matter what we look like, where we live, what we have or how we act, we are all still humans.
  • Without equality, the world would be at war with itself. Not just silly little wars over nothing, but the end of the world type of wars.

It isn’t skin colour or home country either. Equality also stops sexism. In the old days, men were said to be better then women and women didn’t even get to have a say.

  • But that has all changed…

How does equality effect the Olympics?

  • Equality effects the Olympics in a few ways.
  • Everyone can take part instead of only certain countries
  • Everyone can have a say and vote on how the games work
  • Everyone has a chance to win a game because there are facilities open to the world.

How important is equality in today’s world?

So that you can see how important equality really is, try to answer the following question:

What would the world be like without equality?


Equality Heroes

  • There are a few people that once lived in this world, whom without some of you in the audience might never of had the opportunity to be here. Our equality heroes and heroines are:
  • Martin Luther King-begged for everyone to think of each other as the same
  • Nelson Mandela-fought for the freedom of coloured skins
  • The Suffragettes-fought for women’s rights
putting equality in school
Putting Equality in school
  • No racism
  • Don’t judge people by appearances
  • Stand up for your rights
  • Don’t judge people by how they dress, act or talk

Someone may look different, but it doesn’t mean that they are not human!

  • The Olympics are an excellent chance to bring the world together as one, to co-operate in harmony and equalise. Even though it is a competition, it is also a chance to meet new friends, exchange talents and help each others.
the olympic values1


The Olympic Values

Hollee, Ehlana, Jonah and Alicia