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PRIDE Olympic & Paralympic Values PowerPoint Presentation
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PRIDE Olympic & Paralympic Values

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PRIDE Olympic & Paralympic Values - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PRIDE Olympic & Paralympic Values
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  1. PRIDE Olympic & Paralympic Values

  2. Kent Olympic & Paralympic Values:PRIDE

  3. In this pack:

  4. Sporting Challenge: The Active Participant

  5. Introduction SPORTING CHALLENGE: THE ACTIVE PARTICIPANT Aims: • Young people demonstrate the Values through sport – coaching, officiating, participating etc. • You people develop knowledge of a wide range of activities that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle • Young people develop leadership skills and self esteem through sport • Young people understand how to improve performance through hard work, training and diet • Young people experience competition with sport EXAMPLE: Value chosen: Inspiration Activity & Aims: Young people will look at inspirational sporting heroes. Young people will examine their own attitude to sporting heroes and think about how they can influence their attitudes away from the game. Young people will be asked to ‘build a sporting hero’ from qualities that various sportspeople embody YAA Challenge: Online tasks and resources can be printed or stored electronically, group discussions can be recorded in both audio and transcription, photographic evidence, blogs, evaluation sheets etc. can all form part of the evidence for the challenge Learning Outcomes: Young people will think about the ways that being inspired by their sporting heroes can improve their performance and enjoyment of sport

  6. Online Resources

  7. Aims, Objective & Outcomes

  8. Icebreakers

  9. Discussion Points PRINT THEM OFF! STICK THEM UP! GET PEOPLE TALKING! Need more ideas? Use the ‘Know Your Values’ quiz to kick start some great conversations

  10. What is the most inspiring sporting moment you’ve ever seen? Why did it inspire you? Does playing sport inspire you to do better in life? Who or what do you think will be the most inspiring story of the Olympics?

  11. "The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination.“ Do you agree with this motivational sports quote? Do you think this applies just to sport? If you get involved in sports you get a lot more than just a healthy body – do you agree? What effect does sport have on you in other ways?

  12. Inspired to Dance PLAN DO WHAT NEXT

  13. Inspired Performance

  14. Young People’s Challenge: Most Inspirational Coach

  15. Lasting Memento: Treasured Moments

  16. Introduction LASTING MEMENTO: TREASURED MOMENTS The aim of this element is to ensure that: • Young people record the journey and excitement of living through the Games in their country • You people can reflect on the diverse learning experiences and opportunities generated by the Games • Young people produce personal mementos tracking their individual development through the elements • Young people achieve recorded and accredited outcomes • Young people celebrate their personal experience of the Games EXAMPLES OF A MEMENTO: • Scrapbook of press cuttings • Photo album (online or hard copy) • Badges, T-shirts and other memorabilia either official or produced as part of a cultural challenge • Certificates • Blog or website • Video Use evaluation sheets from this pack or adapt ones from previous packs available at

  17. Aims, Objective & Outcomes

  18. Creating Mementos SPORTING HEROES Reflect on ideas about what makes a sporting hero & how they inspire us Create a biography of your sporting hero using text, video, collage or music focusing on their inspirational values Share your hero by creating a ‘Hero Gallery’ Think about what inspirational qualities your heroes share and how they inspire you in your life GOLDEN MOMENTS Reflect on ideas about how inspirational performances inspire us Create stage a recreation of your favourite ‘Golden Moment’ – maybe Dame Kelly or Sir Steve, Sir Chris or many of the other great moments Share your Golden moment by creating a video for upload Think about how you can take inspiration from those moments into your own life INSPIRATION JAR Reflect on where we find inspiration every day Create an inspiration jar by finding words & images that inspire you – decorate a large jar and put your words, phrases and images inside Share your jars by displaying them and asking other young people to choose an inspiration at random Think about similarities & differences in what you find inspirational

  19. Recording & Evaluation

  20. Race Evaluation

  21. Young People’s Challenge: Memory Boxes

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