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Digital Camera

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Digital Camera - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Camera. Digital Camera Advantages. Easy to use Fast Flexible Many people can use it within one class period Able to take photos of images from books - easier and faster than scanning. Digital Camera. Power Switch. Mode Switch. Toggle Switch. Disk Eject. Digital Camera .

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Presentation Transcript
digital camera advantages
Digital Camera Advantages
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Many people can use it within one class period
  • Able to take photos of images from books - easier and faster than scanning
digital camera3
Digital Camera

Power Switch

Mode Switch

Toggle Switch

Disk Eject

digital camera4
Digital Camera
  • Play mode lets you view pictures you’ve taken
  • Still mode allows you to take photos
  • The movie mode allows to record 15 second movies with sound
  • The auto focus means you just aim and click.
to take a still photo
To Take a Still Photo:
  • Turn camera on, insert floppy disk, switch mode to still.
  • Take lens cap off , aim where you want to photograph and take picture by pressing the round button on the top right of the camera. (Just like an analog camera!)
  • To view your photo switch to Play Mode
  • Use the toggle switch to view other photos
to take a movie
To Take A Movie:
  • Set mode to Movie
  • Press and hold down the record button
  • Hold camera steady as you take the movie
  • To view - follow same steps as to view the still shots
to use images
To Use Images:
  • Eject floppy from camera.
  • Insert floppy into the A: Drive of your computer and double click on My Computer and double click on A: 3 1/2 Floppy Drive
  • Your images will show up as files. You can double-click on them to view them or open them from a software package.
  • Then you can copy and paste them into documents or presentations.
applications to teaching
Applications to Teaching
  • “A picture is worth a thousand words…”
  • Students will be able to illustrate their ideas in presentations using digital photos.
  • In our very “image” oriented society, we can make a visual impact on learning for our students.
  • The digital cameras make it easy to incorporate images in presentations.
teaching applications
Teaching Applications
  • Data projectors take the overhead into the 21st Century - everything digital can be viewed by entire class without teacher taking eyes off students.