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Digital Still Camera

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Digital Still Camera - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Still Camera. For internal use only Do not use any images or videos externally. Product Training SX 120 IS. 19th August 2009, 15:00 CET. By Canon Europe Ltd. Please note….

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Digital Still Camera

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    1. Digital Still Camera For internal use onlyDo not use any images or videos externally Product Training SX 120 IS 19th August 2009, 15:00 CET By Canon Europe Ltd

    2. Please note… This presentation contains new, updated and priority features only.For information on older features supported by this product please refer to predecessor product presentations and ‘CommonFeatures’ Presentation

    3. Please note… Many of the images used in this presentation are strictly for internal use only and should never be used outside of this presentation.Please refer to standard official resources such as ImageBank for all images for use elsewhere.Image which must not be used anywhere apart from purely internal materials are marked with If a star is in the bottom right of a page then none of the images on that slide may be used

    4. 2H 2009 DSC Line-up 2009 2H 2008 2H 2009 1H G11 PowerShot G10 S90 Photo Capables PowerShot SX1 IS SX 20 IS PowerShot SX10 IS PowerShot SX200 IS PowerShot SX110 IS SX 120 IS Digital IXUS 980 IS Digital IXUS 990 IS Digital IXUS 970 IS Digital IXUS 870 IS IX 200IS Style Leaders Digital IXUS 110 IS Digital IXUS 90 IS Digital IXUS 85 IS IX 120IS Digital IXUS 100 IS Digital IXUS 80 IS Digital IXUS 95 IS Targeted Concepts PowerShot D10 PowerShot E1 PowerShot A2100 IS Easy quality PowerShot A2000 IS PowerShot A1000 IS PowerShot A1100 IS PowerShot A480 PowerShot A470


    6. Sales Start date: Beginning of September €229 Family-friendly. Serious zoom.

    7. SX 110 IS SX 120 IS EASY with 10x Zoom

    8. Slim & Lightweight body with 10x ZOOM which can be carriedeasily Easy Mode for Beginners Manual Controls for extended Creativity Direct Print button has been removed 3.0” LCD screen Comfortable & Easy Controls

    9. Product Images

    10. Improvements from the SX110 IS Even faster processingand higher image quality A2 printing is possible Optimum imageprocessing for scenes Latest functionsadded

    11. Positioning Target Users • 20-65 • 60% male, 40% female • Single Male / Parents / Grandparents Key Purchase Drivers • Wants big zoom without big cost • Limited budget • Value seeker • Point & shoot • Wants to grow photo knowledge Usage • Mostly family events: school plays, children’s performances (orchestra, drama, sports), holidays • Nature (safari, zoo, parks) & candid shots. • Used for creative photography, away from the family

    12. Product Features • 10.0 Megapixels • 10x optical zoom with optical Image Stabilizer • Smart AutoandEasy modeswith Scene Detection Technology detects 18 different scene types and optimises settings • Large 3.0” LCD with wide viewing angle • DIGIC 4for fast, intelligent processing and superb image quality incl. • Face Detection Technologywith improved Face Detection & tracking performance (Face Detection AF/AE/FE/WBandFace Select & Track.) FaceSelf-timerallows perfect group shots. • Motion Detection Technology that controls the shutter speed & ISO speed to match the movement of people • Improved Noise Reduction Technology allows higher image quality at all ISO speeds • Enhanced i-Contrastintelligently expands the dynamic range in shooting to retain shadow and highlight detail. • 20 shooting modes plus Full Manual control • VGA Movies with sound • Auto Red-eye Correction in shooting & playback • Comfortable & user friendly design • AA batteries for convenience and flexibility

    13. Grow your skill with SX 120 IS The camera that everyone in the family can use Manual shooting Manual Shooting STEP 3 For advanced/creative users STEP 2 Smart Auto For average users STEP 1 Easy Mode For entry-level users

    14. Easy mode for beginners During shooting During playback Minimal functions suitable for children using a camera for the first time No fear of pressing the wrong buttons! Shutter button Zoom lever Flash

    15. Smart Auto for the “average” user Smart Auto selects the optimal settings for each scene Capture people beautifully Landscapes and objects look beautiful Face Select and Track Select the person you want to photograph, and capture them more clearly as they are automatically tracked Furthermore Use the Face Selector button

    16. Enjoy Manual Shooting Modes 10x Zoom 360mm! 1cm Macro Manual shooting Up close Far away Manual focus Adjust flash output Avmode Adjust the aperture value Furthermore Tvmode Adjust the shutter speed Program shift AF & LV cont. shooting Mmode Adjust the aperture and shutter speed

    17. Improved UI look and feel • The UI colours changed for overall more noticeable contrast and improved visibility • Proportional font used for better visibility and easier to ready • Please note: No Hints & Tips included

    18. Competitors

    19. Market Strengths • 3” screen is larger than the majority of competitors in this segment • The maximum aperture of f/2.8 – 4.3 is the brightest in the market • Manual control is unique in this segment, only the Sony matches this but has only 38mm “wide” lens • SMART Auto – with 18 scenes detected this is currently the most comprehensive system on the market • Settings for 3 distinct levels of photographic skill • Longest battery life combined with the freedom provided by AA batteries • SX series is already strong and well accepted by users and technical press

    20. What’s in the box? Digital Camera SX 120 IS Wrist Strap WS-800 SD Memory Card SDC-128MH 2 AA-size Alkaline Batteries AV Cable AVC-DC400 Interface Cable IFC-400PCU User Manual Kit

    21. High-Power Flash HF-DC1 Optional Accessories NiMH Batteries and Charger Kit – CBK4-300 (2500mA): Soft Case DCC-750 AC Adapter Kit ACK800

    22. Thank you.Questions?