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Digital Camera

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Digital Camera

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  1. Digital Camera place footer here

  2. What is digital camera? • Digital camera is like the normal camera and its images are created by using a CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) chip which houses thousands of "sensors" sensitive for red, green and blue light. It is now beginning to make serious inroads into photography. However, despite some current limitations, digital camera is the wave of the future and it's only a matter of time before most photographs are taken with these kinds of cameras rather than traditional film-based cameras place footer here

  3. Sony Mavica • Inexpensive standard 3.5" 2HD floppy disk storage medium. • Up to 40 images per floppy in standard mode and up to 20 images in fine mode. • Large 640 x 480 image size. • Universal JPEG format viewable on virtually any computer place footer here

  4. Sony Mavcia • Auto exposure • 2.5 inch color LCD display viewfinder • 1/60 to 1/4000 second shutter speeds • Auto white balance • Built-in flash • Up to 500 consecutive shots per Lithium-Ion charge - continuous recording (10-second intervals with flash off). place footer here

  5. JPEG & GIF • JPEG stands for "Joint Photographers Experts Group." It is a cross-platform format, therefore it can be used with either MAC, or PC computers, and because of its very efficient compression with minimal quality loss, its ideal for e-mail, websites, etc. • GIF stands for “Graphic Interchange Format”, a compressed, 8-bit, indexed-color format common on the web. place footer here

  6. Scanner place footer here

  7. Scanner • A scanner is a piece of equipment which is capable of scanning printed text and photographs. The product is a digital image that can be stored on a computers hard disk or onto floppy disc. The text or image can be manipulated if required and then incorporated into a publication, or a hypermedia product. place footer here

  8. Desktop Publishing and Internet • Printing on paper, commonly use 600-2400dpi (dots per square inch) scanning resolution to get a clear well defined sharp picture on paper. • Scanning photographs for Internet, commonly use 72-75 dpi. On Internet, a higher dpi scanned resolution doesn’t result in greater image quality, it is just a bigger image file size that takes unnecessary amount of time to download it. place footer here

  9. Steps of scanning • Set dpi (dots per inch) to 72 - 75 dpi. • Adjust size of image (I usually use 100%, unless I want the image to be larger) • Set Prescan to black & white (it will Prescan faster than color) • Prescan • Crop the image of the prescan (put the box exactly around what you want to be in the final image). • Set Scan to color or black & white setting (I usually use color) • Scan • Adjust the gamma (color & brightness control) so that the image is lighter. place footer here

  10. Rules to scan • To make a image file size as small as possible, two step process has to be followed(1) Scan the original image at 72 - 75dpi(2) Save the image as a JPG file. Save it at maximum compression place footer here

  11. ZIP Drive place footer here

  12. Features of external & Internal • 100MB Parallel port Zip drive solution for PC's, Notebooks and Laptops. (include drive, cable and power. • 100MB SCSI Zip drive solution for Mac's and PC's with SCSI connections. • Expand your storage easily and cost-effectively. • Backup fast and easy. • Share large files with co-workers and friends. • Consolidate 70 floppies onto a single Zip disk. place footer here

  13. CD-Rom/Compact CD DISC • Writable CD-ROM (CD Burner), it requires two kinds of CD1. Rewritable 2.Recordable • Readable CD-ROM, only can read, not write. • Capacity of the compact CD disc 1. 74 minutes 2. Can store 650 mb. place footer here