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Digital Camera. Information Technology Mini Workshop. Objectives.

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Digital camera

Digital Camera

Information Technology

Mini Workshop


  • Course Description: Use printed images in publications, e-mail, and web pages with these versatile tools!  Learn to operate basic components of digital cameras, modify files of images/pictures, use images/pictures in MS Word, MS Publisher, web pages, or as attachments in e-mail programs. Tailor equipment purchases to your individual needs.

    • What is digital photography?

    • Parts of a camera

    • Finding the right camera

    • Seven steps to fabulous digital photos

What is digital photography
What is Digital Photography?

  • Operate similar to a 35mm film camera

    • Use same fundamental parts

    • Main difference: Capturing the image

Why go digital

Saves money

Saves time

Instant viewing

Edit or delete photos

Prevents waste

Creativity freedom

Choose best images

Formatted for WEB or e-mail use

Allows storage on PC

Why Go Digital?

Digital images
Digital Images

  • Digital cameras produce digital images

  • Images made up of pixels

    • Quality of image depends on number of pixels (sometimes referred to as resolution)

    • Higher resolution=more pixels=larger file size

  • JPEG files

Types of digital cameras
Types of Digital Cameras

  • Point & Shoot

  • Multi-mega pixel

  • Professional: $3K - $20K and more

  • Digital video: Short video & still images

  • Specialty: incorporated into other devices such as laptops, PDAs

Is it time to buy
Is it Time to Buy?

  • More expensive than traditional with same features

  • Not as good as traditional

  • Can always scan photos to create images

  • Lower prices and newer technology always just around the corner

Parts of a camera

Image Sensors

Image SensorResolution



Frame Rate


Preview Screens





Parts of a Camera

Finding the right camera
Finding the Right Camera

  • What is your budget?

  • How much resolution is enough?

  • Is small size always better?

  • Will it be compatible with my PC?

  • What will I need to print my digital photos?

  • Which features will meet my special needs?

7 steps to fabulous digital photos
7 Steps to Fabulous Digital Photos

  • Pick the right image editor

  • Import your pictures

  • Align & Trim your photos

  • Adjust color and clarity

  • Remove Blemishes

  • Add final Touches

  • Print and Display