ridge and valley of georgia n.
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Ridge And Valley Of Georgia!!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Ridge And Valley Of Georgia!!!!

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Ridge And Valley Of Georgia!!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ridge And Valley Of Georgia!!!!. By: Camille, Conner D. ,and Valeria (The arrows show where the Ridge and Valley is.) . Table of contents . 1. (Slide 1) Ridge and Valley of Georgia 2. (Slide 2) Location 3. (Slide 3) About some animals Snakes 4. (Slide 4) Foxes

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Ridge And Valley Of Georgia!!!!

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ridge and valley of georgia

Ridge And Valley Of Georgia!!!!

By: Camille, Conner D. ,and Valeria

(The arrows show where the Ridge and Valley is.)

table of contents
Table of contents

1. (Slide 1) Ridge and Valley of Georgia

2. (Slide 2) Location

3. (Slide 3) About some animals Snakes

4. (Slide 4) Foxes

5. (Slide 5) Turtles

6. (Slide 6) Bears

7. (Slide 7) Deer

8. (Slide 8) All about Ridge and Valley

9. (Slide 9) About some plants Cherokee Rose

10. (Slide 10) Oak Tree

11. (Slide 11) Azaleas

12. (Slide 12) Blue Asters

table of contents continue
table of contents(CONTINUE)

13. (Slide 13) Pine Tree

14. (Slide 14) Ridge and Valley Test

15. (Slide 15) Test (Continue)

  • It can be found from New York to the edge of the coastal plain in Alabama. The Ridge and Valley habitat can also be found in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee. It is near the Blue Ridge and the Appalachian Plateau.
about some animals snakes
About Some Animals Snakes
  • Snakes live in the Ridge and Valley habitat. They are reptiles and they are not all poisonous. They eat other animals and drink the water from the ponds and lakes. In the Ridge and Valley the animals that they eat are rats, mice, and insects. Some of the snakes are ground dwellers, some live in trees, and others mostly live in the water.
  • Most foxes have rabies, but some don’t. There are gray foxes and red foxes [there are lots more.] Foxes are fierce hunters that usually weigh under 7 kg [15 lb.] There are about 27 species of foxes. Foxes usually have up to 4 through 7 babies after 51 days. If the family breaks up the young have to live on their own. The fox is part of the dog family.
  • There are water turtles and land turtles. Turtles are reptiles and come in many shapes and sizes. Some can come up to only 12 cm. Although some extinct turtles had teeth, all living turtles are toothless. Turtles have no ear openings. Some turtles upper shell is made up of 50 bones. Turtles are one of the oldest reptiles. People have been finding turtle fossils for 50 years. All turtles are egg layers and they store their eggs on land.
  • Bears are mammals and one of the heaviest mammals, too. Bears have a massive long snout and a stumpy tail. All bear cubs are born in the winter. Female bears can give birth to 4 babies. All bears eat a lot in Summer and Autumn. They eat berries, nuts, and other animals. There are black bears, brown bears, and grizzly bears. Most bears weigh up to 300 pounds.
  • Deer are hoofed mammals . Mating season for deer is Autumn. Does give birth to 1 or 2 fawns in the Spring. Deer are fast runners and swimmers. Deer are very shy of people. Deer eat grass, bark, leaves, twigs, and sprouts. Deer have long legs with 2 tipped toes. Deer have a common organ with giraffes. The deer is know as the most graceful and active animals.
all about ridge and valley
All about Ridge And Valley
  • The average temperature is 39 Fahrenheit to 57 Fahrenheit. Also the average rainfall is as high as 60 inches a year. Animals there survive by eating other animals, drinking the water from the streams, and sometimes using camouflage. [Did I mention they use overcoats and eat plants?]
about some plants cherokee rose
About some Plants Cherokee Rose
  • Not all Cherokee Roses are white, some are slightly pink. Their stems can get up to 20 feet long with sharp thorns. They have a short blooming season in late March and April. It’s leaves help it get rid of Chickasaw Rose(Rose bacteria.) Cherokee Roses can also grow in China and Japan.
oak tree
  • The oak tree is a symbol of strength. It can live up to 200 years. The longest time oak trees have lived is 400 years. They have a massive trunk. The live oak tree can get up to 9 meters. Some oak trees are 31 meters. Oak trees start producing at the age of 20.
  • Azaleas come in many bright colors. Many cities in the United States have festivals in the Spring celebrating the bloom of the Azaleas like Valdosta, Georgia. The Azaleas are also called the Royalty of the Garden. They can grow up to 6-8 ft.
blue asters
Blue Asters
  • The short blue Asters mainly attract the beautiful Peacock butterflies. The Blue Aster can provide shelter for butterflies, the pollinators of the flower. The plants are usually 30 to 100 cm tall. The Blue Aster’s leaves are usually up to 4 inches long and 1 inch wide.
pine tree
Pine tree
  • Pine trees are very popular. Pine trees are coniferous trees. There are 35 types of pine trees. Some pine trees can be 90 to 110 feet! They can spread up to 20 to 30 feet open. The leaves are bluish- green in bundles of 5.
ridge and valley test
Ridge and Valley Test
  • What is the average temperature?

1.) 40 to 80 2.) 39 to 57 3.) 21 to 64

  • What is the average rainfall?

1.) 60 inches 2.) 90 inches 3.) 40 inches

  • How many babies do foxes usually have?

1.) 6 through 10 2.) 2 through 8

3.) 4 through 7

test continue
Test (Continue)
  • What insect does the Blue Aster attract?

1.)Peacock Butterfly 2.)Bumble Bee 3.) Fire Ants

  • In what season are bear cubs born?

1.)Spring 2.)Winter 3.)Fall

  • For how many years have people been finding turtle fossils?

1.)45 2.)50 3.)67

test continued
Test continued
  • How many species of pine trees are there?

1.) 53 2.) 45 3.) 35

  • Where else can Cherokee Roses grow?

1.)Asia and Brazil 2.)China and Japan 3.)Cuba

  • What color are Pine Tree leaves?

1.) Redish-Brownish 2.)Green 3.) Bluish-Green

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