1 locate and describe georgia s geographic regions n.
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1. Locate and describe Georgia’s geographic regions PowerPoint Presentation
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1. Locate and describe Georgia’s geographic regions

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1. Locate and describe Georgia’s geographic regions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1. Locate and describe Georgia’s geographic regions
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  1. 1. Locate and describe Georgia’s geographic regions • Blue Ridge, Appalachian Valley, Valley and Ridge: • Piedmont • Coastal Plain rocky soil, most precipitation, contains Brasstown Bald which is the highest point in GA • gently rolling hills, most populated, contains most of GA’s major cities flat, good farmland, divided into inner and outer sections

  2. 2. How does Georgia's climate impact the economy? • Warm, temperate, subtropical climate is good for agriculture. Long growing seasons allow for a wide variety of crops. Mild winters draw businesses to region.

  3. 3. What purpose do the Barrier Islands serve? • To form a barrier between the mainland and the ocean. The “Golden Isles” protect GA’s coastline from storms.

  4. 4. List and describe Georgia's prehistoric cultures • Paleo: • Archaic • Woodland • Mississippian nomadic, large game, large spears small game, lived along GA’s coast, atlatl, pottery bow and arrow, beginning of agriculture permanent settlements, farming, 1st civilization

  5. 5. What were the main reasons for Spanish exploration? God, Gold, and Glory

  6. 6. How did the arrival of Europeans impact the Native Americans? Violence, disease, trade, land

  7. 7. Define mercantilism A favorable balance of trade where the colonies provided raw materials to Britain where they were manufactured and sold back to the colonies.

  8. 8. Who founded Georgia? James Oglethorpe

  9. 9. What were the main reasons for founding Georgia? • Charity: • Defense • Economic worthy poor, debtors to protect the colonies from the Spanish to the south provide raw materials and resources for Britain.

  10. 10. What were the main rules in Trustee Georgia No liquor, no slavery, only males can inherit land

  11. 11. How did Georgia change when it became a royal colony? • Land limits were increased and women could inherit, rum and liquor sales allowed, slavery became legal

  12. 12. How did the French and Indian War impact Georgia? • Georgia acquired land west of the Appalachian Mountains

  13. 13. What did the Proclamation of 1763 do? • Kept the colonists from settling the land acquired during the French and Indian War

  14. 14. Who were the signers of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia? • Button Gwinnett, George Walton, and Lyman Hall

  15. 15. Why was Georgia hesitant to break away from England? • England protected the frontier from Native American attacks and imported goods to trade with natives

  16. 16. Explain the significance of: • Elijah Clarke • Austin Dabney • Nancy Hart • William Few and Abraham Baldwin led Patriot troops at the Battle of Kettle Creek Slave who fought at the Battle of Kettle Creek spied on the loyalists, reported to have killed several loyalists, only female with a county named after her founded the University of Georgia

  17. 17. What were the main weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? • Lacked the power to enforce laws, levy taxes, and regulate trade

  18. 18. What are the main functions of the three branches of government? • Legislative Branch • Executive Branch • Judicial Branch makes laws enforces laws interprets laws

  19. 19. Explain the concepts of: • Separation of Powers • Checks and Balances government is broken into branches with distinct functions each government branch limits the powers of the other two branches

  20. 20. What is the difference between trial and appellate courts? • In trial courts people’s actions/intentions are measured against the law. In appellate courts, the judgments of trial courts are looked over.

  21. 21. How old do you have to be to vote in Georgia? • 18

  22. 22. Why did Georgia's capital begin moving west in the early 1800s? • The population began moving west so the capital moved with it

  23. 23. Describe: • The Headright System • Land Lottery System • Yazoo Land Fraud gave 200-1000 acres of land to heads of families used to determine who can buy land; white males, orphans, and widows could participate land companies bough large pieces of land on the Yazoo River and resold it to individuals for a profit

  24. 24. How did Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin impact the South? • The cotton gin made refining cotton easier and cotton became the major crop in Georgia.

  25. 25. Who was Sequoyah? • He invented the Cherokee alphabet

  26. 26. What impact did the Dahlonega Gold Rush have on the Cherokee Indians? • The gold rush increased the pressure to move the remaining Cherokee out of northern Georgia.