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Lesley Bridges Ms. Loftus PowerPoint Presentation
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Lesley Bridges Ms. Loftus

Lesley Bridges Ms. Loftus

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Lesley Bridges Ms. Loftus

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  1. Lesley BridgesMs. Loftus My favorite memory is when I met my friend Jillian Chadwick, in kindergarten and we stayed best friends since. Shout Outs I give shout outs to my mom,dad,my best friend and Mrs. Connly. The Best Lesson I’ve Learned was never get to mad at your best friend.

  2. The best lesson I learned: Was when I learned to play The clarinet and how to Make rock candy Calvin Cao Shout Out: Thanks to all the teachers I had, for teaching me and to my whole family for letting me go to this school. I also want to say good luck to my brother Justin for your rest of your elementary years. Ms. Loftus Rondo Boston Celtics My favorite memory: When I met Vance Eugene In 4th grade and also my First band concert. Michael Jordan Lebron James

  3. SHOUT OUTS Mom Dad Ms. Loftus Justin Bieber Connor CapobiancoMs. Loftus My favorite memory When I was the main character in Bob goes to school The Best Lesson I’ve Learned is how to make brownies

  4. My favorite memory is the 4th grade state fair. My favorite lesson to have learned is to play the flute. Special thanks to Mrs. Dame for teaching me! Jillian F. ChadwickMs. Loftus Shout outs: My mom, dad, and sister. My friends Lesley and Sarah. My favorite teacher Mrs. Connly and awesome principal Mr. Breault.

  5. My favorite memory is Iditarod races every year In computer class Allyson CharpentierMs. Loftus Thank you Mom Dad Abby and Nick My best lesson is practice makes perfect

  6. Shout Outs Forrest, Mom,and Dad, Liam Derek Michael Benjamin DriscollMs. Loftus Northbridge My favorite memory is when I lived in Northbridge on 1645 Hill Street. The best lesson I’ve learned is not to play with matches. I almost burned down a house! This is me!

  7. Can you find the heart???? Anna Rose GauvinMs. Loftus My favorite memory. When I said I had an army of NINJA UNICORNS on top of the bus ready to attack Derek Driscoll I <3 Bacon Shout Outs Best Lesson DO YOUR BEST!!!!!!! Bacon Ms.Maloney Steak Mom&Dad

  8. Shout outs Mom Dad Tyler U.S. Armed Forces Andrew GirouardMs. Loftus My Favorite memory was when Mr.Keefe stole Mike Beachman’s shoes The best lesson I’ve learned is practice makes perfect

  9. Best Lesson Make sure your friends get along. Jeffrey HebertMs. Loftus Shout Outs! My Dad and my Friends My Favorite Memory When I met my best friend Lorenzo!

  10. Christopher “The Tsunami” InmanMs. Loftus The BestLesson, is Always doyour best! My idol is The inventor of baseball Go UNC!!!!!! The best memory Was When I pranked The teachers “Aaaccchhhooo!”

  11. Joseph F JepsenMs. Loftus The Best Lesson I’ve Learned is how to play football My favorite memory is when my dad took me to a Bruins game. Thanks Connor, crispy, Calvin, Chris, and Damon. Arghh!

  12. My favorite memory: When my friend Damon and I were having a conversation and I randomly said I’m a pharmacist. It was really funny! Nicholas JepsenMs. Loftus Shout Outs: To my sister Jordan, nice Job getting to Be number #1 Out of all of The Sophomores. My favorite lesson learned: Definitely, just to be yourself!

  13. Shout outs thanks for being a nice teacher Steven LaneMs. Loftus My favorite memorywas my Washington D.C project The best lesson I have learned how to bake brownies

  14. My Favorite Memory When I met my friend Chris Pand Calvin When I met my friend Anthony and Ben in first grade. Malcolm Little Ms. Loftus Shooting Stars # 20 Shout Outs: Mom Dad Family Friends My fish Frog And teachers Lebron James Dwanye Wade Miami Heat Micheal Jordan

  15. I want to make A shout out to my mom For taking care of Me and having great Laughs! Kerry McGrathMs. Loftus The best lesson I Learned is you Don’t have to friends but You have to be friendly. My favorite memory is When I met Zachary Stalatire.

  16. Annabel T. MottMs. Loftus My favorite memory- When I first met my best friends. Shout outs- Thanks to my mum, my dad, my sister, my dog and the rest of my friends and family for pushing me to the stars. My Best Lesson- Be your self

  17. My Favorite Memory was when Iwas the Empire State Building at the state fair. Also when I saw someone at the store buy 10 pounds of potatoes. Jaden W. Nemetz Ms. Loftus Shout Outs: Mommy, Daddy, Grilled Cheese HI MOMMY! HI DADDY!  Best lesson I’ve learned: D x 2 L / 2

  18. If your reading this Your asome micheal Jordan Shaq Christopher PeltierMs. Loftus Ray allen My favorite memory was when:I met my three best friends Malcolm, Joe, and Calvin Boston Celtics Paul Pierce Shout out! thanks for everything Auntie Sup cao Malcolm whats up! What up jepsens Dwayne Wade Rondo Lebron James Miami Heat

  19. My favoritememory was when Mrs. Sweeny asked me for the definition of decrepit and told me it was something I would never call her Liam J. RoganMs. Loftus Shout outs Mom,Dad,and my siblings You can always fix anything with family

  20. Corrina RossettiMs. Loftus The Best Thing I Learned:Always listen to your teacher,it helps! My favorite memory: Is making friends with Katie Yarber, Annabel Mott and everyone in My class. Shout Outs:I want to say hi to My family,friends and teachers. I’ll miss you guys!

  21. My Favorite Memory: When My Friends Corinna, Jaden, Liam, Nick, And I Went OSV. We Sat On A Sled So We Could Get Our Picture Taken. No One Looked At The Camera. I Still Have The Picture. Katie YarberMs. Loftus Shout Outs: Mom, Dad, Kelsey, All Of My Friends. WA Rules!!! The Best Lesson I’ve Learned: How To Make Brownies

  22. This is a shout out to my family, Chris I., Nick J., Noah C., Calvin C., Sean B., Jarrod and Justin B.,Malcolm L., Ben F., and last but not least Coon and friends! Damon “Spikey Hair” YargeauMs. Loftus My favorite memory is When my football went Undefeated to the super- Bowl and we beat Boston!!! The Best Lesson I’ve Learned is not to cry over spilled milk!