an overview of the printing industry in malaysia n.
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  1. AN OVERVIEW OF THE PRINTING INDUSTRY IN MALAYSIA • The Role Of The Printing Industry In Malaysia • Government Policy • Current Status Of The Industry • Print Media Turnover • Investment • Import & Export Of The Printing Material • Future Of The Print Media In Malaysia

  2. The Role Of The Printing Industry In Malaysia

  3. The printing industry in this country is known to be one of the oldest. All these years, it has played a major role as the main media for education, communication and dissemination of knowledge and information. Compared to the modern electronic media, it is by far, the cheapest means of bringing home the information to the public in every sector of society and in every nook and corner. Because printing being one of the oldest industry, the Malaysian printers over the years have acquired vast experience and technical capability. And being aware of this potential of growth, our Malaysian Government is actively promoting the export of this service.

  4. With the latest printing technology and the state of the art machinery being introduced into this country, our Government is encouraging all printing entrepreneurs in Malaysia to advance and actively cater for the export markets. As a matter of fact, our Government has been very supportive as far as this industry is concerned so much so that the Malaysian printing and publishing industry is a significant contributor to the country’s economy being the top five largest industries in the manufacturing sector.

  5. Government Policy

  6. Equity Policy For Manufacturing License : Whilst, the Government Policy towards the local printing industry is one of ‘protection’, nevertheless, the Government is encouraging foreign investor to establish their printing industry in Malaysia with 100% equity to take advantage of the excellent social, political and economic environment with the provision that the output is 100% export. The Government is also encouraging foreign participation in printing projects which mainly cater for the domestic market but limited to 30% foreign equity.

  7. Expatriate Post Application : Printing being a sensitive industry in this country, it is understandable that foreign participation in the printing projects have to be controlled :- For example : -- For companies which undertake general printing jobs and which are exempted from Manufacturing License, any approval for expatriate post is subject to the equity condition of 70% Malaysia including 30% to be reserved. -- All printing companies whether local or with foreign participation must apply for Printing License from the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) with conditions imposed in the license to be complied with.

  8. Current Status OfThe Industry

  9. Number Of Printers As At 31st Dec. 2001 * Registered with the Home Affairs Ministry 3,162 companies * Number of Printing Licenses issued by KDN 1,698 licenses * No. of companies issued Manufact’g Licenses 113 companies (general printers) 1990 – June 2002) * No. of companies issued Manufact’g License 8 companies (owned by majority foreign shareholders) * Est. no. of companies currently in production (Including manufacturer of carton & boxes, Plastic packaging, metal cans & general printers)2,500 companies (Source : MIDA 2002)

  10. The statistics taken as at 31st Dec. 2001 show that the number of Printing Licenses issued in this country is 1,698. Of this figure, only 113 applied for Manufacturing License. The remaining figure shows that the printers are exempted from the Manufacturing License requirement due to the fact that they are operating with less than 75 employees and with a shareholders fund of less than RM2.5 million.

  11. Print Media Turnover

  12. TURNOVER Annual Sales Turnover Est. RM7 bil. (Including manufacturer of carton & boxes, plastics packaging, metal cans & general printers) Annual Sales Turnover 2001 Est. RM3.45 bil (Only general printers) Production capacity of Industry Est. RM10-12 bil (Source : MIDA 2002)

  13. The Production capacity of the industry as shown on the screen is estimated around RM10-12 billion. Compared this with the Sales Turnover, there is still room for improvement.

  14. Investment

  15. Investment Approvals By Industry For 2001 (by MIDA) The statistics taken from MIDA indicate that the total investment approved in the year 2001 for the Paper, Printing & Publishing Industry amounted to RM5 billion with 23 projects. This, by far, the highest investment approved, only second to E&E Industry amounting to RM10 billion with 249 projects. The comparison of these figures also shows that the Printing Industry is very capital intensive and its growth is encouraging.

  16. E&E Average RM40mil. Average RM218mil. Capital Intensive Industry INVESTMENT INVESTMENT APPROVALS BY INDUSTRY FOR 2001 (by MIDA) Source: Malaysia Industrial Development Authority

  17. Total Capital Investment 2001 RM2,113.3 mil (General Printers only) Domestic Investment RM1,627.7 mil Foreign Investment RM485.6 mil Source : MIDA 2002

  18. As mentioned earlier, the figures taken from MIDA speaks for itself that the printing industry is very capital intensive.

  19. Import And Export Of The Printing Materials

  20. Export

  21. The figures presented on the screen show the potential growth of the export market of printing materials with export value ranging from RM202 million in 1995 to RM368 million in 1999. Among the various items of printed materials, books publishing ranked the highest with 70% of the total export.

  22. Import

  23. The pattern of growth of the import of printed materials is no different from the pattern of growth of the export of printed materials. The import value increased from RM413 million in 1995 to RM660 million in 1999. Books as well as security printed materials ranked the highest with a total of 90% over the total imports.

  24. Malaysia on the whole is a net importer of printed materials.

  25. Future Of The Print Media In Malaysia

  26. For our industry in particular, currently there is uncertainty in the domestic print material demand due to the relocations of some MNC companies But in general, the increase in out-sourcing activities and relocation of operations of multinational corporations from the US and the Euro area to the Asia Pacific region, which is expected to benefit Malaysia (in terms of overall exports) in tandem with the increased Intra-Asian trade, as well as strong demand from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. (as shown in the table)

  27. All Asians – including Malaysia – will have a share in the wealth that will be generated in China. It’s up us to identify how we can benefit from China’s newfound wealth. I hope we can co-operate and develop a good and strong network relationship among our Asian printers with the objective of creating a win-win strategic partnership.

  28. Thank you.