welcome back to northwest middle school n.
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Welcome back to Northwest Middle School!

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Welcome back to Northwest Middle School! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome back to Northwest Middle School!. You’re attention please!!!. Northwest Middle School Mission Statement. “Northwest Falcons are a strong and diverse family building future-ready leaders and scholars.”. Northwest School-Wide Expectations.

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northwest middle school mission statement
Northwest Middle School Mission Statement

“Northwest Falcons are a strong and diverse family building future-ready leaders and scholars.”

northwest school wide expectations
Northwest School-Wide Expectations
  • All NWMS Falcons will walk to the right of the hallways and stairwells.
  • All NWMS Falcons will use their inside voices while in the building (Levels 0 and 1).
  • All NWMS Falcons will respect themselves, their peers, and all adults by listening, following directions, and responding in an appropriate manner.
  • All NWMS Falcons will follow school dress code, as required.
bottom line rules
Bottom Line Rules

1. No violence

2. No Bullying/Harassment

3. No Drugs/No weapons

4. No Stealing

5. No Blatant Disrespect

a pep talk from kid president
A Pep Talk from Kid President:


dress code
Dress Code
  • Wear clothes that fit you...
  • If it’s distracting, don’t wear it!
  • What you wear says something about you, make it a good message!
  • Not following dress code will result in disciplinary action.
this means
This means…
  • NO cleavage
  • NO sagging
  • NO hats
  • NO bandanas
  • NO rosaries
  • No pajamas
  • NO shirts with bad messages/images
  • NO blankets or stuffed animals
movement expectations
Movement Expectations:
  • Walk to the right, no more than two people side by side
  • Voice Level 1=whispering
  • Walk with a purpose quickly towards your next class!
agenda books
Agenda Books

-You must have your agenda with you at all times.

  • If you lose your agenda you will need to purchase another one for $5.00 from the office.
  • There are no exceptions to this rule!
  • Attendance is monitored by the office.
  • You may enter the building at 7:00am, but not before.
  • Upon entering building, get breakfast and then go directly to class.
remember falcons are
Remember Falcons Are:






We will show respect at all times. This includes;

1. Our building

2. Our people

3. Our belongings and school property

bathroom policy
Bathroom Policy:
  • You will go to the bathroom with your class. Take advantage of this opportunity.
  • To leave the room you must have a bathroom pass.

3. Limit requests to emergencies .


C-Conversation:  When can I talk?

H-Help: How do I get help?

A-Activity: What is the activity?

M-Movement:  Can I move around?

P-Participation: What does my behavior look like when I am participating?

S-Success: Soar to Success!

champs voice levels

0= No talking/No Sound

1 = Whispering

2= Quiet Conversation voice

3= Presentation voice

4= Outside voice

line up
Line up!

When it is time to go, please make sure your materials have been collected and put away. Push in your chair and exit in an orderly fashion with your teacher’s permission. We share this classroom so please be respectful!