Central middle school
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Central Middle School. Netbook Training for Parent and Students. What is the purpose of Digital Learning?. Digital devices expand school to home communication and learning Access to 24/7 learning for both digital literacy, and informational literacy

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Central middle school
Central Middle School

Netbook Training for Parent and Students

Central middle school

What is the purpose of Digital Learning?

  • Digital devices expand school to home communication and learning

  • Access to 24/7 learning for both digital literacy, and informational literacy

  • 24/7 learning allows students to personalize how much and how long they want to learn

  • Shifts the learning responsibility to the student

  • Prepares our students to be career and college ready in the 21st century

Central middle school

Items to be covered

  • Device Care and Insurance

  • Wireless

  • Email

  • Google Drive

  • Haiku

  • Google Docs

  • Textbooks

  • Aeries Parent Portal

  • Parental Controls and Online Safety

Device care
Device Care

  • Most of the Netbooks are made of plastic and they are fragile.

  • The devices should never be tossed (even while in a backpack).

  • It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their device.

  • Netbooks should be locked in their PE locker during PE.

  • Be sure there is nothing on the keyboard when closing the device.

  • Liquids should never be near the device.

  • Do not store the device in hot areas such as in the car, by an oven, or heater.

Insurance protection
Insurance Protection

  • Student Insurance Partners is an independent company outside of RUSD.

  • Insurance covers damages to and theft of the netbook.

  • The cost of each netbook device is $400.

  • Remember the cost of 4 books can exceed $400.

  • If a device is broken, your student needs to take it to Mr. Porter in the library, so he can assess the damages and issue a loaner laptop until the broken netbook is repaired.

  • Insurance can be purchased online, by phone, or with the form we have provided you.

Central middle school

Please Turn on your Netbook

Power button is located on the side of the netbook.

Most netbooks do not have fully charged batteries, so please plug the power cord into the netbook.

When the netbook gets to the log in screen, please choose the “Student” account.

Central middle school


  • All of Central Middle School has the newest wireless technology.

  • The name of the wireless access point is RUSDlearns.

  • RUSD provides wireless that has basic firewalls in place to help protect our students.


  • We are going to show you how to connect to the wireless.

  • Click on the wireless icon in the bottom right corner.


  • Now select RUSDLearns.


  • Check the box that says “Connect automatically” and then click the Connect button.


  • This box is confirming that the netbook is connecting to the internet.

  • After about 1 minute, the wireless should be connected and look like this:


  • When you see this box, please click on “Work Network”.

  • And on this screen, please select “Close”. You are now connected to the wireless.

Central middle school

RUSD Email

  • Every student in RUSD has a district Email account.

  • This email account is used to communicate with teachers and log in to their Haiku and Google apps.

  • A student’s email is their first name, last name, last 3 of their student number and @rusdlearns.net

  • For example, Jane Smith, with the student number of 123456 would have the email address: janesmith456@rusdlearns.net

Rusd email
RUSD Email

  • We are going to show you how to log in to your RUSD email account.

  • Click on the RUSD Email icon located on the desktop.

Rusd email1
RUSD Email

  • Type the student’s Username in the field that says “Username” .

  • Password is Welcome1

Rusd email2
RUSD Email

  • Welcome1 is your current password, and it needs to be changed to something that the student will not forget.

  • Type a new password that has the first letter capitalized and a number on the end and re-enter the same password.

  • An example of a strong password is Riverside1, see below:

Then click the submit button.

Rusd email3
RUSD Email

  • If prompted with this question, “allow Riverside Unified School District Mail to open all email links,” please select “Use Riverside Unified School District Mail”. This will make it easier for students to use their email on the netbook.

Rusd email4
RUSD Email

  • If prompted with this question, “click here to enable desktop notifications for Riverside Unified School District Mail,”please select “Click here to enable”. This will allow students to get email notifications on their netbooks.

  • Next, select “Allow” when the netbook prompts you to “Allow mail.google.com to show desktop notifications?”

Rusd email5
RUSD Email

  • Let’s practice sending an email:

  • Click on “Compose” (red button on top left).

  • Where it says “To” type: sporter@rusdlearns.net (This is our school Instructional Technology Specialist).

  • Click the white area next to “Subject” and type “email practice”.

  • Next click in the big white area and type an email with your student’s name(s) and ID Number.

  • When you are done, click the red “Send” button.

  • You have now sent an email.

Central middle school

Google Drive

  • We encourage all students to use the Google Drive for important files on their netbooks.

  • Google Drive allows students to sync their important files to the “cloud”.

  • Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (netbook and Google drive) that are delivered as a service over the internet.

  • Using this service will make sure students always have a backup of their important files.

Google drive
Google Drive

  • We are going to show you how to log in to your Google Drive.

  • Click on the Google Drive icon located on the desktop.

Google drive1
Google Drive

  • For all of the Google apps like Google drive, students will be using the same username and password that they used for their email.

  • Students must put their full email for the username and whatever password they chose earlier.

For example:



Google drive2
Google Drive

  • On this screen, click the “Next” button

On this screen, select the button in the bottom left called “Start sync”

Google drive3
Google Drive

  • This Google drive will now open up and look like the picture here (without all the files)

Close the above window and now there should be a Google Drive Folder on the Desktop

Google drive4
Google Drive

  • Now students can drag and drop files into that Google drive folder.

  • This is where students should put all of their pictures, documents, flipcharts, and anything else that is a necessity for school.

  • Students can add files to the Google drive folder at any time even if they are not online. The next time the netbook goes online, all of the files will be synced.

Central middle school


  • Haiku is a Learning Management System (LMS) which is a software application for the delivery of online education classes.

  • Every student is expected to be able to log in to their Haiku account and see all the work that their teachers have assigned.

  • Parents will have to use a Haiku account to log in. This account is tied to the email address RUSD has on file. Not all parents have email addresses on file, so parents will need to check our website for more details on the process for them to log in.


  • We are going to show you how to log in to your Haiku account.

  • Click on the Haiku RUSD log in icon located on the desktop


  • Students will use their rusdlearns.net account to log in to Haiku. Students will click here:

Parents will use this side to log in


  • Log in using the same Username as before and password. You should see the page below:

Because students have not been assigned classes in Haiku, yet there will probably be nothing to see in here but students will be trained by their teachers on how to access and use Haiku during 0 period.

Central middle school

Google Docs

  • We encourage all students to use Google docs for all of their document and slideshow needs.

  • Google docs (now called Google Drive) needs an internet connection to work, so if students do not have an internet connection at home, students will need to use LibreOffice.

  • Google Docs is integrated into Haiku, so it makes submitting assignments to your teachers easy (this is something that the teachers will show the student how to do).

Google docs
Google Docs

  • We are going to show you how to log in to your Google Docs account.

  • Click on the RUSD Documents icon located on the desktop.

Google docs1
Google Docs

  • Use the same username and password that was used before.

Google docs2
Google Docs

  • Now click on “Drive” which is here:

Google docs3
Google Docs

  • Your webpage should now look something like this. The web address should now read https://drive.google.com

Google docs4
Google Docs

  • Now select the red “Create” button and choose” Document”.

  • And now a window like the one below should pop up with a blank document that you can type on.

Google docs5
Google Docs

  • Remember, when creating documents in Google docs, the documents are always automatically saved.

  • You can share documents with your classmates by using the blue “Share” button located on the top right of the document.

  • All documents created here can be shared, so you can access them in the Google drive folder.

  • Once school starts, teachers will go into more detail about how to submit assignments.

Central middle school


  • All of the textbooks are preloaded onto the netbooks in a folder called “Textbooks”.

  • Teachers have also linked the appropriate textbooks on their Haiku pages in case students are having trouble finding the correct textbooks.

  • All textbooks are in PDF format and will be opened in Adobe Reader.


  • We are going to show you how to access the textbooks.

  • Click on the Textbooks shortcut located on the desktop.


  • This window will be displayed. Click on the appropriate grade level below:

  • You will get this screen with all the subject areas:

  • Explore a textbook in any subject area.

Central middle school

Aeries Portal

  • What you can find on Aeries

  • Online grade book

  • Assignments

  • RED means not turned in

  • Updated regularly

  • Students can access Aeries Portal the same way and will be taught this skill during 0 period

Aeries portal
Aeries Portal

  • We are going to show you how to access the Aeries Portal.

  • Click on the “Aeries Check Grades” shortcut located on the desktop.

Aeries portal1
Aeries Portal

  • Four things you will need before you start:(This information can be found on the paper that was given to you prior to the workshop)

  • Your personal Email Account

  • Student ID number

  • The Telephone Number Listed in Aeries

  • Verification Code – a random code containing numbers and uppercase letters

  • To create your account:

  • Click the “Create New Account” link

  • in the bottom left corner of the screen

Aeries portal2
Aeries Portal

  • Choose the “Parent” Option.

  • Enter your email address and password in provided fields.

  • In Step 3, you must confirm the email address. When you see the screen below, an email has been sent you.

You will now need to log in to the email account that you used above

Central middle school

Aeries Portal

You will see an email similar to the one below. Click on the Confirm Current Email Address link.

You will see a window like the one below. Click on “Click Here” link.

Central middle school

Aeries Portal

Enter the information in each box. When done click the “Next” button.

Click the button next to your name, or “None of the above”if you do not appear in the list. Click the “Next” button to finish.

By clicking on the Click Here link, you will be able to log into the system immediately.

Now you can explore Aeries and check your student’s grades and attendance

Central middle school

Parental Controls

  • Control Panel

  • Customize student account (change to Regular type)

  • Change parent administrator password

  • Parents can choose to set up time limits for their students netbook too

  • All of the following steps are optional for parents

Central middle school

Parental Controls

  • We need all students to go outside for a few minutes while we talk to the parents about the parental controls.

  • Also, parents, please log out of the student account and log into the Parent account on the netbook.

  • Here is how: Click the Start button, point to the arrow next to the Shut down button, and then click Log off.

  • Password for parent account is: homework

Parental controls
Parental Controls

  • We are going to show you how to access the Parental Controls.

  • Click on the “Start Menu” icon that looks like a window located here.

Central middle school

Parental Controls

Find and click on the "Control Panel" in the "Start Menu“

Now select the link “User Accounts”

Central middle school

Parental Controls

Go to the “Change your password” link

Type in your current password (homework) and now type in a new password and something your student cannot guess

You can also give yourself a hint if you like.

Click on “Change password” .

Central middle school

Parental Controls

Now click on the “Manage another account” link.

Choose the Student account.

Central middle school

Parental Controls

Select “Change the account type”.

Choose the Standard user button.

Click “Change Account Type”.

Central middle school

Parental Controls

Select “Set up Parental Controls”.

Choose the “Student, Standard User” account.

Central middle school

Parental Controls

Select the “On, enforce current settings”.

Choose the “Time limits” link.

Central middle school

Parental Controls

Mark the squares blue for the hour blocks you require.

This is an example of the netbook not being used between 10pm and 7am.

Click “Ok” when done.

Central middle school

Parental Controls

Also, we have installed Windows Live Family Safety. This extends the parents ability to monitor their students. This is a free program offered by Microsoft but you need to signup using a free Microsoft email. More information can be found on our website at www.centralcubs.com and look for “Protecting your kids with Family Safety”

Central middle school

Parental Controls

Click “Ok” on the next screen, and you can close any open windows.

These are some basic Parental Controls, but the best way to monitor what your student is doing is to have them use the netbook in high traffic areas in your home, so they can be monitored.

Invite your students that are outside to come back into the room to learn about Online Safety.

Central middle school

Student Planner

The student planner this year is located on our website and on every students netbook. Please look it over and familiarize yourself with our school rules and procedures.

Central middle school

Online Safety

Protect Yourself Online

Central middle school

Online Safety

Cyber Bullying

Central middle school

Online Safety

Think Before You Type

Central middle school

Online Safety

Additional Resources



Central middle school

Internet Access

  • This fall RUSD will be participating in another nationwide effort supported by the Federal Communication Commission.

  • The pilot is called Connect2Compete (C2C) http://www.connect2compete.org/

  • Any family with a student receiving free and reduced lunch and attending Central Middle School is eligible for the $9.95 a month (no contract, modem etc) unlimited broadband.

  • Parents also qualify for a low cost refurbished computer ($150.00) and online digital literacy training.

  • Also, most of our students can connect to SmartRiverside for Free wireless access.

  • Flyers for this program should be available in September.

Central middle school website
Central Middle School Website

  • Go to our website by clicking here or by typing www.centralcubs.com

  • Take a moment to look around the website.

  • As you can see, all websites that are located on the desktop can be found on the left side of our website.

  • This slideshow will be posted on our website when the trainings have been completed.

Central middle school

Thank You for Coming Today!!!

Before you leave today, please fill out a quick online survey.

To get to the survey go to the Central Website and look for “School2Home Exit Survey” on the right side of the page.

Questions? Problems?

See Mr. Porter

Office: Cub Hub (the old library)

E-Mail: sporter@rusdlearns.net

Phone for text replies: (951) 291-TECH

Phone at school: (951) 788-7282 ext 51116