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Recorder Club

Recorder Club.

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Recorder Club

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  1. Recorder Club • Recorder is all about playing different notes like B,A,C,G,D, Low D,F Sharp, Low F, Low C. It is like a Clarinet, but it sounds different because of the notes and letters. When you play the letters sometimes it is really hard to play. You get confused sometimes because you have to change the letters at one time.

  2. The Club That Is Called Recorders Club In the club you can make music like “The Skinny Bones.” You are playing the song and saying it at the same time. But you actually play the part that says “ooh ooh ooh” because that is part of the song. You might be scared when Mr.McKee says boo at the end and sometimes it scares me and the people that are in the Recorder Class. Another song we play is called B and A Super Hero.

  3. Recorders Club In Recorders Club we play the letters B andA. When you go in the club you will be so surprised that you came in the club. When you get in the club you will have the greatest day ever in your life. If you go to that place over and over again you will tell your parents about it and it is fun. Please come and join us! We will play different things so you can make a song with us. Do you know who our teacher is? It is Mr. McKee, our school music teacher.

  4. Questions • How do you hold the recorder? • Do you ever play when someone else is playing? • How can I make music? • Do I have holes to play the Recorder? • What days do you have to play the recorders? • Do we have free time? • Is it very cool?

  5. First we hold with our left hand before you play with your right. No, we do not play when someone else is playing. You can make music by using the holes after he or she teaches you. Yes you do have holes. They are in front of the recorder. The only days you should go to recorder is Wednesday. Yes, sometimes we do have free time. Yes! It is very cool! Answers

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