dynamics of local decision making pieter jan esselbrugge inholland rotterdam n.
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Intensive Program Local Decision Making – Masaryk University , Brno PowerPoint Presentation
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Intensive Program Local Decision Making – Masaryk University , Brno

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Intensive Program Local Decision Making – Masaryk University , Brno - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dynamics of Local Decision Making Pieter Jan Esselbrugge Inholland, Rotterdam. Intensive Program Local Decision Making – Masaryk University , Brno. Local Decision Making. Where do we stand? Startingpoints? Where are we going to?. Benjamin R. Barber. Political scientist from U.S.A.

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Presentation Transcript
local decision making
  • Where do we stand?
  • Startingpoints?
  • Where are we going to?
benjamin r barber
Benjamin R. Barber
  • Political scientist from U.S.A.
  • Advisor of President Clinton
  • International bestseller: “Jihad vs McWorld” (1995)
current situation
  • Rising terrorism
  • Internationalisation of big firms and banks
  • +!: intrusive nationalism and populism in our ‘old world’
  • Conclusion: the national state isn’t able to solve big problems
the nation state loses significance
The nation state losessignificance
  • “we return to the level where people organise their lives and their conditions to survive”
  • => cities!
  • “why cities can and should govern globally and how they already do” (subtitle of Barber’s new book ‘If mayors ruled the world’)
nation state vs cities
Nation state vscities
  • Nation state: governing with bureaucratic instruments
  • Cities: governing with practical initiatives to solve problems concerning safety, environment, employability and health
boris johnson
Boris Johnson


michael bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg


situation in the netherlands
Situation in The Netherlands
  • Power of national government is leaking away
  • Execution of policy is being done by the market, privatised public companies and lower government
  • Performance-orientated
  • => massive and perverse bureaucracy ‘chased’ by media
  • Vision fleds away
  • Legitimacy crumbles
  • Trust in national state shrinks
  • New assemblies will grow in cities
  • In NL: a hausse of local initiatives
  • ‘Do it ourselves’
  • => dependency of bureaucratic and huge service companies is replaced by ownership of citizens
how about the welfare state
Howabout the welfare state?
  • National government economizes
  • Decentralisation is used as a method
  • New institutional arrangements for a local oriented welfare state will appear
back to barber
Back to Barber
  • Politics will return to it’s original arena: the ‘polis’
  • What can national government do?
  • A chosen mayor!
parliament of mayors
Parliament of Mayors
  • In such a Parliament the real problems of the world will be solved!