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Effective Decision-Making

Learning Objectives. Understand what Decision-Making isIdentify types of decisionsUse Decision-Making strategiesKnow who should be involvedIdentify the three basic methodsIdentify the most common barriers. What is Decision-Making?.

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Effective Decision-Making

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Presentation Transcript

    1. Effective Decision-Making

    3. What is Decision-Making?

    4. Types of Decisions

    5. Programmed Decisions

    6. Non-Programmed Decisions

    7. The Decision-Making Process Clearly define the problem. Determine the purpose of the decision. Set the criteria needed to judge possible solutions and determine what goals the decision must achieve. Establish priorities by determining which goals are the most important. Generate solutions by discovering the courses of action that can achieve these goals. Test the solutions by determining how well they accomplish the desired goals. Make the decision.

    8. Strategies for Decision-Making

    9. Focus Groups

    10. Steps for Forming a Focus Group

    11. Brainstorming

    12. Guidelines for Successful Brainstorming

    13. Cost-Benefit Analysis

    14. Criteria for Determining Who Should be Involved

    15. Three Basic Methods of Decision-Making

    16. Authoritative Decisions

    17. Consultative Decisions

    18. Group Decisions

    19. Barriers to Effective Decision-Making

    20. Tips for Successful Decision-Making

    21. Tips for Successful Decision-Making

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