fire security association of india presents best secured ganesh mandal 2013 n.
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Fire & Security Association of India Presents Best Secured Ganesh Mandal 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Fire & Security Association of India Presents Best Secured Ganesh Mandal 2013

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Fire & Security Association of India Presents Best Secured Ganesh Mandal 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fire & Security Association of India Presents Best Secured Ganesh Mandal 2013
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  1. Fire & Security Association of IndiaPresentsBest Secured Ganesh Mandal 2013

  2. FIRE & SECURITY ASSOCIATION OF INDIAAN INTRODUCTION About Fire & Security Association of India (FSAI): FIRE & SECURITY ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (FSAI) was established in 2002 and incorporated as a society with Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Rules 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act of 1975) bearing Registration no.326/2002. FSAI is a non-profit organisation representing the Fire Protection, Life Safety, Security, Loss Prevention and Risk Management domains. Its primary aims and objectives are to foster a spirit of safe living among all citizens of India and inculcate a proactive mind-set towards safety and security at all times, to promote and advance the use of fire safety and security systems, to foster fire safety and security engineering education and awareness and to maintain high ethical standards amongst its members. It also aims to work closely with the Government and other stakeholders to enable the Indian fire and security industry to reach global pre-eminence with better regulatory framework. A recent report titled “India Fire Safety Equipment Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017” anticipates that the fire safety equipment market in India shall cross USD 4.26 Billion (approx. INR. 23,000 crore). A similar report “India Electronic Security Equipment Market Outlook 2016” estimates the total sales of electronic security equipment to surpass USD 1.4 Billion (approx. INR 7,000 crore) by 2016. FSAI represents the interests of this industry with an overarching commitment to enhance the safety and security of the citizens of India

  3. Need Analysis

  4. Need Analysis • There are close to about 15,000 Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandals in Mumbai • With terror threat always high during festive seasons in Mumbai, Mandals have already been asked the to install CCTV cameras and metal detectors and employ private security guards to ensure security • The Police department conducts several rounds of meetings with office-bearers to support the efforts of Ganesh Mandals and ensure that sufficient measure are being taken • FSAI, in the interest of the security of devotees, intends to help the police department support this noble cause by motivating the Ganesh Mandals by recognizing their efforts and through competitive environment ensure security measure are implemented

  5. Best Secured Ganesh Mandal 2013: Synopsis • The forthcoming Ganesh festival in Mumbai from 9th – 18th September 2013 will be celebrated by millions of devotees all across the city. • To protect the life of such a large number of devotees is the most challenging task. • Towards this aim, FSAI under the aegis of Brihan Mumbai Police & Mumbai Fire Brigade is instituting this prestigious awards recognizing the efforts of Ganesh Mandals to ensure safety and security in the premises. • Sensitize the Sarvajanik Mandal committees about enhancing the security measures to reduce the vulnerability of devotees. • Enhance the cooperation and coordination between the various law enforcement agencies, Mandal Committees, responsible corporate houses & expert Security Companies.

  6. Panel of Judges It is proposed to have an independent and impartial expert panel of 5 judges for selecting the three best secured Mandals. The composition of the Panel will be as follows: • 1 Senior Officer from Brihan Mumbai Police, preferably the chief of Anti Terrorist Squad • 1 Fire Officer appointed by Chief Fire Officer on behalf of Mumbai Fire brigade • 1 Representative : FSAI Mumbai Chapter • 1 Representative :Sponsor Companies

  7. Awards The top three secured Mandals will be awarded • 1stPrize Rs. 1, 00,000 /- & Trophy • 2ndPrize Rs. 75,000/- & Trophy • 3rdPrize Rs. 50,000/- & Trophy * The awards will be given out during the award banquet which be held in the month of September

  8. Glimpses of Previous Award Ceremonies

  9. Glimpses of Previous Award Ceremonies

  10. Art Work for Banners given by Mumbai Police to be placed at all Ganesh Mandals

  11. Support Letter from Mumbai Fire Brigade

  12. Trophy Sponsorship Deliverables

  13. Event Sponsorships Deliverables • .

  14. Best Secured Ganesh Mandal - 2013 Your valuable support in our drive will greatly motivate us in furthering the cause of creating a safe and secure Mumbai. THANK YOU