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UNCW Fun Facts

UNCW Fun Facts. When was UNCW founded?. 1947. UNCW was originally founded as Wilmington College in 1947. How many students attend UNCW?. 13,000. How many Bachelor’s degree programs are there?. 52. How many consecutive conference titles has the men’s swimming and diving team won?. 11.

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UNCW Fun Facts

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  1. UNCW Fun Facts

  2. When was UNCW founded?

  3. 1947 UNCW was originally founded as Wilmington College in 1947.

  4. How many students attend UNCW?

  5. 13,000

  6. How many Bachelor’s degree programs are there?

  7. 52

  8. How many consecutive conference titles has the men’s swimming and diving team won?

  9. 11

  10. How many consecutive years has the Princeton Review awarded UNCW the “Best in the Southeast” designation?

  11. 8

  12. How many campus buildings have been built or renovated in the past ten years?

  13. More than 40

  14. True or False: UNCW manages the nation’s only underwater laboratory.

  15. True Aquarius, located in the Florida Keys, is owned by NOAA and managed by UNCW.

  16. UNCW’s sports teams compete in what conference?

  17. CAA CAA- Colonial Athletic Association

  18. How far is UNCW from the beach?

  19. About 6 miles

  20. How many times has the UNCW men’s basketball team reached the NCAA tournament?

  21. 4 The Seahawks reached the tournament in 2000, 2002, 2003, and in 2006.

  22. True or False: Mel Gibson coached the men’s for 14 years.

  23. True Mel Gibson did coach the Seahawks, but it was not the famous actor of the same name.

  24. True or False: UNCW has a club surfing team

  25. True The surf club finished 3rd in the nation last year.

  26. True or False: Chancellor’s Walk can be extremely busy at times.

  27. TRUE Due to the high number of bikes, skateboards, and students, Chancellor’s Walk can become chaotic quickly between classes. Other routes are advised.

  28. What were the original school colors of UNCW?

  29. Green and Gold Teal did not become an official school color until 2009.

  30. What popular television show had scenes filmed on the UNCW campus many times?

  31. One Tree Hill

  32. What Coliseum has been the home of UNCW basketball since 1977?

  33. Raiford G. Trask Coliseum

  34. How many franchise restaurants are on the UNCW campus?

  35. 6 Subway, Quiznos, Chick-fil-A, Dunkin’ Donuts, Java City, Einstein Bros. Bagels

  36. True or False: It never snows in Wilmington

  37. False Although it may seem like it never snows here, Wilmington had significant snow three times in 2011.

  38. In what house does the chancellor of UNCW live in?

  39. Kenan House The house was donated to the university in 1969 and is located on Market Street.

  40. What were the three original buildings constructed here at UNCW?

  41. James Hall, Alderman Hall, and Hoggard Hall These buildings were first occupied in 1961.

  42. What is the name of UNCW’s library?

  43. Randall Library Randall Library was constructed in 1968 and expanded in the 1980’s.

  44. What is the name of UNCW’s mascot?

  45. Sammy C. Hawk

  46. How many men’s basketball jerseys have been retired by UNCW?

  47. 3 Brian Rowsom, Bill Mayew, and Brett Blizzard all had their jerseys retired.

  48. Who was the first Chancellor of UNCW?

  49. William H. Wagoner

  50. When was the clock tower built on campus?

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