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Reindeer Fun Facts PowerPoint Presentation
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Reindeer Fun Facts

Reindeer Fun Facts

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Reindeer Fun Facts

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  1. Reindeer Fun Facts By LaylaFagone

  2. Appearance • What color is a reindeer? Reindeer have short dark summer coats and thick lighter colored winter coat. Reindeer have soft white tails and pretty white necks.

  3. Appearance • How large is a reindeer? Reindeer are about medium sized and they about 4 feet tall and 6 feet long. Fun fact! Reindeer are smaller then Caribou .

  4. Appearance • Are there any differences between males and females? Every reindeer both Bulls (males) and Cows (females) have antlers . Fun fact ! Reindeer each year grow new antlers .

  5. Appearance What is their body covered with? Reindeer are covered with fat and super thick bodies. Fun fact! Reindeer have fur coats that warm their bodies.

  6. Appearance • What do their hooves look like? Reindeer have very wide and spayed hooves which enables the reindeer to spayed weight on soft snow and prevent them from sinking in the damp snow. Fun fact ! Reindeers hooves are shaped like a backward heart.

  7. Habitat • Where do reindeer live? Reindeer can be found in the Arctic tundra, mountains in Russia, northern China, Canada, Alaska and Scandinavia . Some reindeer can be in Alaska and Alaska is in north America. Where we live

  8. Habitat • Is it hot or cold were reindeer live? Reindeer live in the cold. If they live in the hot they would be sitting on the grass hot. But if they were in the cold they would be playing outside happy.

  9. Habitat • Is there anything special about their body that helps them live where they do? Reindeer are strong runners and very good swimmers. They can run 14 to 16 miles per hour. That is as fast as you on a bike going super fast.

  10. Eating Habits • What are some things that reindeer eat? Reindeer love to eat moss leaves and herbs and a lot of the foods grow next to reindeer homes.

  11. Eating Habits • Are reindeers carnivores herbivores or omnivores? Reindeer are herbivores because herbivores means that you eat grass carnivores means you eat meat and last omnivores means that you eat meat and grass.

  12. Reindeers You just learned all about reindeer . You know about reindeers appearance. You know all about reindeers habitat and last you know about eating habits. You know so much about reindeer that you should make a book about reindeer.