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Fun Facts

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Fun Facts

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  1. Report to the Libraries Australia Queensland User Group 26 November 2013Deirdre KiorgaardDirector, Collaborative Services

  2. Fun Facts • Currently 1, 293 members • Twitter account established Nov 2012 • 680 libraries using LADD web interface • 102 using ISO ILL compliant systems interoperating • 4,210 enquiries via the Helpdesk during 2012/13 • 1.4 million duplicates removed from the NBD • 50.61 million holdings and 24.39 million bibliographic records on the ANBD • 17.6 million searches during 2012/2013 • 249,810 items requested through Document Delivery during 2012/2013

  3. Libraries Australia’s key mission is to support the workflows of Australian libraries and their users and provide data to underpin the Trove discovery service. • The Strategic Plan sets out the plans for the development and ongoing delivery of our services between July 2012 and June 2015. • Mission and Strategic Directions

  4. Advisory Committee • Chair: Geoff Strempel, State Library South Australia

  5. Events Libraries Australia Forum 2013 “What it means to be in the cloud” Presentations now available

  6. Events The ACOC seminar was held in conjunction with the Libraries Australia Forum on Friday 1 November “Link by link: data integration and the evolving web”

  7. The VUGANZ meeting was held in conjunction with the Libraries Australia Forum on Friday 1 November ISO ILL partners meeting was also held on Friday 1 November Events

  8. Promotions and Brochures • Libraries Australia Products • Data Quality on the ANBD • Improving Slow Response times • Workflows

  9. RDA Training • 2012, NLA conducted RDA train-trainer courses. Now good coverage of RDA trainers around the country. Trainers and training courses are listed on the ACOC website:

  10. RDA Implementation in Australia • Full list of Australian libraries who have implemented RDA is available on the ACOC website: • We are starting to see the impact of RDA records in the NBD. • It is possible to search for RDA bibliographic and authority records via the Cataloguing Client using the command  “f sou rda” • The Libraries Australia Search service was updated in February to support the searching and display of RDA data elements.

  11. RDA Implementation in Libraries Australia • Libraries Australia implementation to support RDA is complete. • Libraries Australia website and system documentation have been updated to reflect the RDA changes. • New standard: Required Data Elements for bibliographic records (replaces Minimum Record Standard for Libraries Australia)

  12. RDA System and data changes A list of all the MARC21 changes that have already been made to support RDA   can be found at: • Support for new MARC field 264 to replace field 260 in RDA records • Support for the use of 33X fields via RIS and the Cataloguing Client. • Changes to Record Import Service (RIS) matching and merging to give preference to RDA records over records created according to AACR2 and older standards • Replacement of Libraries Australia Cataloguing Client templates with new RDA templates • RDA fields 336, 337 and 338 were added to the LA Search WebCat input form

  13. ‘RDA-ification’ of authority records • Acc to Accompaniment • Arr to Arranged • Ca to approximately • Cent to century • Dept to department • Fl to active • Jan to January, Feb to February, etc. • O.T. and N.T. to Old and New Testament • Selections to Works. Selections • Unacc to Unaccompanied • … and more

  14. RDA Discussion • Email list for discussion of RDA as it relates specifically to Australian libraries, including implementation and training matters. To subscribe to the list send a message to:

  15. NBD • Duplicate Detection and Removal • 2012-13: 323,170 duplicates were deleted e.g., OCLC number as matchpoint: • Please keep your NBD holdings up-to-date so that Interlibrary Loans can function efficiently

  16. LADD • 688 libraries using the LADD web interface, with a further 102 using ISO ILL compliant systems • LADD requests were down about 10% (expect 260-270K requests this year) – continuing a trend over the past 3-4 years • LAAC paper on the costs of running LADD. $2.00 per request • ISO ILL update

  17. LADD • VDX 6 migration update (expected completion during first quarter of 2014) • Testing underway. Installed on test system at the National Library • Will enable requesting with British Library Document Supply Centre • Benefits: • Ability for users to choose default screen after logging in • Enhancements to request searching • Ability to “fold” sections of a full request display • Can allocate/lock requests to specific staff • Staff identified against actions • Shipped Action screen, lenders will be able to specify the number of items • Limit viewing of request by Item Format • Sort option on results screen • “Bureau” logins for organisations that manage ILL for a number of libraries

  18. LASR A prototype (Alpha release) of the Libraries Australia search interface v0.2 was made available to members for comment in October 2013.  Two new pieces of functionality: Compare records and report duplicates Favourite Libraries You can find updates on the LASR project from the Libraries Australia website, view blog posts under “Latest News” as well as from the Search Redevelopment Project link that appears under the “Get Involved”

  19. Highest usage of any NLA service Average of 66,000 unique users every day 13.5% of usage is from mobile devices Now contains over 335 million resources (newspaper article, pictures, library resources, etc. etc.) Over 100 million lines of newspaper text corrected and over 2 million tags added by users Trove YouTube Channel    Watch informative screencasts to get you started in Trove New Trove Manager, Tim Sherratt, started on 6 May. Trove

  20. Other NLA matters

  21. Your questions