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GENI: Global Environment for Networking Innovations PowerPoint Presentation
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GENI: Global Environment for Networking Innovations

GENI: Global Environment for Networking Innovations

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GENI: Global Environment for Networking Innovations

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  1. GENI: Global Environment for Networking Innovations Allison Mankin (for the GENI Team)CISE/NSF Rest of GENI Team: Guru Parulkar, Paul Morton, Sonya Lucas (Presented by Kevin Thompson NSF OD/OCI) December 8, 2006 CANS Meeting

  2. GENI Initiative: Goals • Invent innovative internet architectures and distributed system capabilities -- go beyond Internet • Enable seamless conception-to-deployment process • Facility for experimentation at scale with apps and users • Work with broader community • Academic and industry communities • Other US and international agencies

  3. GENI: Research Programs Broad but goal oriented programs: New internet architectures and distributed system capabilities

  4. Challenge: Research Community to Create Future Internet -- Internet for the 21st Century

  5. What is Different This Time? • Clean-slate approach • To overcome Internet ossification • Research not constrained by the features of the current Internet • A comprehensive coordinated effort • Ability to try different approaches (We do not have a preconceived idea of what they are) • Ability to experiment at scale • With real users and applications

  6. Success Scenarios • Internet evolution influenced by clean-slate approach • Alternate Internet architecture emerges • Alternate architecture(s) coexist with the current Internet • Virtualization becomes the norm with plurality of architectures • Single architecture emerges and dominates • New services and applications enabled • Many other payoffs • Some unexpected

  7. GENI Facility

  8. GENI Facility: Different Scale and Emphasis Shared DeployedInfrastructure Need for Large experimental testbed/infrastructure This chasm represents a majorbarrier to impact real world Small Scale Testbeds Maturity ResearchPrototypes Foundations Research Funded by CISE Programs Time

  9. Different Scale and Emphasis Enable exploration of new network architectures, mechanisms, and distributed system capabilities A shared facility that allows • Concurrent exploration of a broad range of experimental networks and distributed services • Interconnection among experimental networks & the commodity Internet • Users and applications off GENI able to “opt-in” (discover and participate in GENI services) • ‘Native’ GENI users and applications also in view • Observation, measurement, and recording of outcomes • Strong scientific base, as well as research field in its own right

  10. Sensor Network FederatedInternational Facility Edge Site Mobile Wireless Network Facility Design: Key Concepts Slicing, Virtualization, Programmability

  11. Programmable Optical Elem of PCN Closer Look Sensor Network Programmable Access Nodes (PAN) backbone wavelength backbone switch Programmable Core Node (PCN) Internet Edge Site with Programmable Edge Nodes (PEN) Wireless Subnet with Programmable Wireless Nodes (PWN)

  12. GENI Implementation: Wireless Sub-Networks Open API Wide-Area Networks Location Service 3 5 Emerging Technologies (cognitive radio) “Open” Internet Concepts for Cellular devices Other services GENIBackbone Advanced Technology Demonstrator (spectrum) 4 Sensor Networks 1 Ad-Hoc Mesh Network Embedded wireless, Real-world applications 2 NSF Radio Testbeds Broadband Services, Mobile Computing Protocol & Scaling Studies Emulation & Simulation

  13. Other Requirements/Attributes • Provide security of the facility • Support diversity of networks & devices • Support scientific instrument attributes • Support real time networked embedded systems • Ensure future proof -- as much as we can

  14. Applications Applications Applications Applications Core Nodes Core Nodes/Access/ Campus/POP Core Nodes/Access / Campus/POP Edge Nodes/ Dist Services Edge Nodes/Nets/ Dist Services Focus of GENI Future Internet(Broadly Defined: E2E Networking and Distributed Systems)

  15. ResearchAgenda SpecificRes Challenges Vision FacilityDesign FacilityRequirements List ofExperiments GENI Design Process: CD=>PD=>FD GENI Research & Facility Definition

  16. GENI Facility Construction & Operations Development of Relationships (GENI Science Council, GPO, Cross-Agency, Industrial, International) CDR’ GSC GPO Networking and Distributed Systems Research Snapshot of GENI Activities Pre-GENI PlanningActivities GENI Design GENI Planning CDR P/FDR-tbd | | | | | | Calendar Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 . . . ConceptualDesign Construction/Operations Preliminary / Final Design

  17. Timeline Detail • Spring 2006: Pre-planning Town Hall meetings – • Summer-Fall 2006: GENI planning group publishes draft design documents – • December 15, 2006: GPO solicitation due • End of CY2006: Initiation of GENI Science Council

  18. Community Process • Competitive but cooperative • Within PI community • Within an agency such as NSF • Across federal agencies: NSF, DOD, DOE, … • Across international agencies • Diversity - comprehensive but focused • Technologies vs. architecture • Applications vs. architecture • Center of gravity: which layer(s) of protocol(s) • GENI one of many facilities for the net community • GENI documents its scope and is not “all things to all people”

  19. Challenges • GENI facility construction a complex project • Needs innovative project management • Community consensus and convergence • Without curbing creativity and radical thinking • While providing for broad range of experiment communities • Global collaboration • With agencies and research communities • Effective federation: technical as well as policy solutions

  20. GENI Challenge to Community • Design the Future Internet that makes us proud. • Create a world in which we want to live.