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Sentence Revision

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Sentence Revision - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sentence Revision
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  1. Sentence Revision Part 2

  2. Subject-Verb Agreement If the subject is singular, then the verb must be in its singular form. This goes for being plural as well. My friend go to the movies often. My friend goes to the movies often. We jogs around the field. Wejogaround the field. She watch TV all day. She watches TV all day.

  3. Punctuation It is very important to use commas, semicolons, colons, apostrophes, quotation marks, italics, and bold correctly. My dog who is very shy doesnt like to be around people My dog, who is very shy, doesn’t like to be around people. Susys book needs to be put away Susy’s book need to be put away. Pysch my favorite TV show just came back on. Pysch, my favorite TV show, just came back on.

  4. Capitalization You must always capitalize the first word in a sentence, proper nouns, names, proper adjectives, the noun “I,” the first word in a quote, the main words in a title, specific names of regions, and the salutation and closing of a letter. i have always wanted to visit mrs. jones in germany. I have always wanted to visit Mrs. Jones in Germany. erica is very silly. Erica is very silly. sarah wants to go to france. Sarah want to go to France