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Want To Quit Snoring? Try These!

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Want To Quit Snoring? Try These! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Snoring is one of the most irritating habits that only frustrates and disturbs the bed partners all around the world. Read more.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Want To Quit Snoring? Try These!' - quitsnoringsolution

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Snoring is one of the most irritating habits that only frustrates and disturbs the bed partners all around

the world. It is no more considered as a bad habit but a disorder that needs to be cured. As stated by the

physicians, it is the problem that arises when you are tensed or tired. Whenever you are snoring, you

spend too much of your energy in breathing process. It is important to find snoring solutions to get rid of

the irritating disorder. It happens when the airways of the person narrow down and that air vibrates the

soft tissue of the throat. It is an abnormal disorder that can be found in anyone. It can also be sleep

disordered breathing that is referred as sleep apnea.

While sleep apnea, the snorers do not breathe many times a night. It is very important to get perfect

diagnosis and find sleep apnea solutions as it can also have implications in many different health

conditions. It can cause increased heart risk, depression and diabetes to the patients. There are many

treatments which can enhance the conditions too. Following can be the most effective solutions to treat

this habit on a long term basis:

Nasal Strips: Although most of the users claim that these strips do not actually work. When the nasal

passages narrow down, that becomes serious enough to cause snoring. It may or may not have an effect

on the acoustics. It may not permanently treat the issue but he can hear a quitter sound from someone

wearing the strip. For sleep apnea, a sleep apnea mouthpiece also does wonders.

Weight loss: Excess weight can be a major cause for snoring. It adds tissue to the neck part that adds

restrictions to the airways, thus causing the vibrations that are the main reason of snoring. People who

gain weight time and again may develop sleep apnea, thus losing the weight can be an effective

measure to stop snoring.

Sleep a humidifier: If snoring is caused because of any nasal congestion or any allergies and the

congestion gets worse in dry air, sleeping with any kind of stop snoring devices like that of a humidifier

can be a help which certainly don’t hurt. You can cure snoring by the switch given on the humidifier

which lessens the gravity of snoring.

Do not use nightcap: Anyone who snores occasionally may find it problematic that the issue increases by

any drink before bed. Alcohol relaxes the muscles that keep the airways open and it can cause disturbed

sleep. It is very important to skip the nightcap even if you are not a regular snorer.

Oral devices: You can use such devices if you have tried everything and it all failed. If anyone having

sleep apnea that doesn’t respond or tolerate the treatment having positive airway pressure, a type of

device like stop snoring mouthpiece can be helpful. These devices provide benefit to the people who


It is important not to ignore the snoring especially if you are going through any other kind of health





Scarlett McAdams is a doctor who specializes in sleeps related disorders. She also likes to write

informative articles and blogs, helping people in understanding the basics of issues like sleep apnea and

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similar devices.