water a balloon s best friend n.
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Water: A Balloon’s Best Friend PowerPoint Presentation
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Water: A Balloon’s Best Friend

Water: A Balloon’s Best Friend

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Water: A Balloon’s Best Friend

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  1. Water: A Balloon’s Best Friend By: Yamil Perez ME 340-02 Prof. Soloviev

  2. Introduction The following experiment shows how water can absorb and conduct heat from a candle flame, and prevent a balloon from bursting.

  3. Materials 2 Balloons Water Candle Lighter

  4. Process First, I blew up a balloon and held it over a lit candle. WHAT HAPPENED ?!?!?!?!?!?!

  5. Process Next, I took the other balloon and filled it halfway with water and the other half with air. Once again, I placed the balloon over the candle flame. WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?!?

  6. Conclusion In the first step, the balloon exploded since the fire burned the balloon In the second step however, the balloon was actually touching the fire and it did not BREAK! Water is very good at soaking up heat. Because the balloon is very thin, heat energy passes through it quickly (conduction) heating the water on the inside. As the water near the flame starts to get hot, it rises, letting cooler water take its place to soak up more heat. This process lets the water balloon absorb a tremendous amount of heat without popping. The black stuff on the balloon is the element carbon. It did not come from the balloon. Instead, it was deposited by the candle flame. The balloon had not been burned or damaged.