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Building Water Systems

Building Water Systems. Water, water everywhere, WHICH drop to drink?. Tom Meyer Director, Technical Programs National Environmental Balancing Bureau. Why should we worry ?. Did you know?. We are all water creatures. Water makes up:. 60% of your body. 70% of your brain.

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Building Water Systems

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  1. Building Water Systems Water, water everywhere, WHICH drop to drink? Tom Meyer Director, Technical Programs National Environmental Balancing Bureau

  2. Why should we worry?

  3. Did you know?

  4. We are all water creatures

  5. Water makes up:

  6. 60% of your body

  7. 70% of your brain

  8. 80% of your blood

  9. Did you know?

  10. While you can go almost a month without food…

  11. Your body can’t survive one week without water.

  12. Did you know?

  13. The same water that existed on Earth billions of years ago still exists today.

  14. It covers most of the planet, but just 3% is freshwater.

  15. And most of that is ice.

  16. Less than 1% of all freshwater is readily accessible for human use.

  17. To put it another way…

  18. Less than 0.007% of all the water on Earth is available to drink. (That’s one gallon in every 70,000 gallons)

  19. Did you know?

  20. What’s Going on With Existing Fresh Water Supplies?

  21. 20–30% of clean water put into the local distribution system is lost before it gets to your building. (50% if it’s an older system.)

  22. 25% of the clean water that enters your home…

  23. …is used to flush toilets.

  24. 15% of the clean water that enters your home…

  25. …is used at your faucets.

  26. One toilet flush uses up to 3 gallons

  27. One load of laundry uses up to 40 gallons

  28. One 10-minute shower uses up to 50 gallons

  29. Brushing with the tap running: 4 gallons

  30. Brushing with the tap off: 0.25 gallons

  31. Did you know?

  32. In the 20th Century the world’s population tripled.

  33. In the 20th Century the water use grew 6 times

  34. Did you know?

  35. Millions of people in the world live on less than 3 gallons each day

  36. The average American uses about 160 gallons

  37. Conventional Wisdom: We are going to run out of water before we run out of oil.

  38. Due to over-pumping, the groundwater in several countries is almost gone.

  39. Depleted aquifers lead to cutbacks in grain harvests…

  40. …which lead to more food shortages and higher prices.

  41. Our water problem could fast become our hunger problem

  42. Did you know?

  43. Industry is thirsty…

  44. Agriculture is thirsty…

  45. Humanity is thirsty…

  46. When the well is dry, we know the worth of water. - Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac, 1746

  47. Why should we worry? Now you know why.

  48. This is not a futuregeneration’s problem

  49. This is a nowgeneration’sproblem

  50. 300-Year Drought Was Downfall of Ancient Greece - Study published in PLOS ONE In the last five years, nearly every region of the country has experienced water shortages. - US EPA World Water Day: A forceful reminder that the U.S. is running out of fresh water - The Washington Post Freshwater Crisis - National Geographic Major U.S. Cities Are at Risk for Climate-Related Water Shortage - Bloomberg

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