u s involvement overseas becoming a world power 1880 1917 n.
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U.S. Involvement Overseas Becoming a World Power (1880-1917) PowerPoint Presentation
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U.S. Involvement Overseas Becoming a World Power (1880-1917)

U.S. Involvement Overseas Becoming a World Power (1880-1917)

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U.S. Involvement Overseas Becoming a World Power (1880-1917)

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  1. U.S. Involvement OverseasBecoming a World Power (1880-1917) Chapter 23, Section 3

  2. Essential Questions: • Does Superman or Batman have a “moral responsibility” to the world? (Are they allowed to take a night off?) • Does the United States have a “moral responsibility” to the world?

  3. Commodore Matthew Perry (Role Play) • “Knock Knock”

  4. Commodore Matthew Perry • Sent to Japan by President Fillmore in 1852 to Open Up Trade with Japan • Japan Refused to Trade with U.S. • Closed Society/No New Ideas Got In • Came Back in 1854 with U.S. Warships: • Japan was Forced to Trade with U.S.

  5. Commodore Matthew Perry • “I was determined to adopt an entirely contrary plan of proceedings from that of all others who had… visited Japan on the same errand to open up trade: to demand as a right and to ask as a favor those acts of courtesy which are due from one civilized nation to another.” • Commodore Matthew Perry, Personal Journal • What “Name” Did Commodore Matthew Perry Call Japan? (Fighting Words!)

  6. Will the Real Matthew Perry Please Stand Up!

  7. Show Indiana Jones Differences in Technology Clip

  8. United States’ Imperialism (Late 1800’s) • U.S. Gained 3 Island Chains in the Pacific Ocean in the Late 1800’s: • Hawaii • Guam • Philippines

  9. Senator Albert Beveridge • “The Philippines are ours forever. And just beyond the Philippines are China’s unlimited markets. We will not retreat from either… The power that rules the Pacific is the power that rules the world.” • Albert Beveridge • What Did He Mean?

  10. Most Americans Looked Forward to Reaching Asia • New Markets to Sell Goods • Get Cheap Natural Resources • Spread Democracy • Spread United States Culture

  11. Why Was Owning the Philippines So Important to the U.S.?

  12. Positive (+) Effects On Japan After U.S. Trade with Them! • Japan Modernized! • Started Trading with U.S. & Other Cultures • Learned New Technologies (Weapons) • Became Strong & Powerful World Power! • Beat Up On China in Wars: • Stole Chinese Lands & Natural Resources • China was a Closed Culture

  13. Spheres of Influence: • Areas of Land That Foreign Countries Claim to Have Special Rights & Economic Privileges In • Colonies/Mercantilism • China was a Closed Society in 1910: • Behind in Technology

  14. Spheres of Influence in China: • France, Germany, Britain, Japan & Russia had Spheres of Influence in Japan by the Late 1890’s • Claimed Exclusive Rights to Mining & Building Railroads • Got Natural Resources, Traded Goods, Etc… • Where is theU.S.?

  15. Use Overhead Dragon DBQ!(Best DBQ of the Year!)

  16. The Open Door Policy: • U.S. Did NOT Have a Sphere of Influence in China • U.S. is Very Jealous! • Open Door Policy = No Country was Allowed to Have a MONOPOLY on Trade with China! • Countries Agreed (Why, I’m Not Sure!)

  17. The Boxer Rebellion: • Many Chinese Citizens Were VERY Angry That Foreigners Were Taking Advantage of China: • Stealing Natural Resources/Wealth • No Respect of Chinese Customs/Culture Either • Formed a Rebellion & Fought Back!

  18. International Force Put Down the Boxer Rebellion!

  19. The Last Samurai • I Have Never Seen It! • Story is Very Similar to What Takes Place in Both Japan & China When U.S. Arrives • Let Me Know How It Is!

  20. Why Did the U.S.Want to Build the Panama Canal?

  21. The Panama Canal • American Interests in the Pacific Ocean & Asia Increased • U.S. Needed a Shortcut From the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean • Took Too Long for U.S. Navy & Commercial Ships to Go Around South America

  22. What Country Would Be Best to Build the Canal Through?

  23. What Did Columbia SAY When U.S. Asked to Build a Canal? • Colombia Said NO WAY JOSE! • Teddy Roosevelt Sent the U.S. Navy to Help Rebel Group Inside of Colombia Called the Panamanians • Told Panamanians to Start a Revolution! • U.S. Would Back Them Up (Since They are Fighting for Freedom!)

  24. Panama Was Created! • U.S. Helped Panamanian Rebels Win Land in Colombia • Panama Gave 10 Mile Strip of Land to U.S. • Very Imperialistic of U.S.! • Started a War to Get What We Wanted! • Other Countries Very UNHAPPY with U.S.!

  25. 10 Mile Strip of Land

  26. Building the Panama Canal • Building the Canal Was Very Difficult! • Panama Was Very Swampy = Malaria • Panama is Above & Below Sea Level • Over 5,000 People Died Building the Canal: • Disease Mostly

  27. Panama Canal • Construction for Building the Panama Canal Lasted Over 10 Years (1904-1914) • 45,000 People Overall Worked on the Canal • Cost $352 Million Dollars • Highest Cost of a Man-Made Project at That Time

  28. How Does the Panama Canal Work?