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Titan tidbits

Titan tidbits. Tidwell tour for the graduating class of 2021!. WELCOME FUTURE TITANS!. Your Campus administrators. Mrs. Barker, Principal. Mrs. McCormick, Assistant Principal. Mr. Parkman, Assistant Principal. BLUE AND BLACK ~ OUR SCHOOL COLORS. Proudly worn by our Titan Mascot!.

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Titan tidbits

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  1. Titan tidbits Tidwell tour for the graduating class of 2021! WELCOME FUTURE TITANS!

  2. Your Campus administrators Mrs. Barker, Principal Mrs. McCormick, Assistant Principal Mr. Parkman, Assistant Principal

  3. BLUE AND BLACK ~ OUR SCHOOL COLORS Proudly worn by our Titan Mascot!

  4. BAND, CHOIR & ORCHESTRA Tidwell performing arts rocks!!!!

  5. Titan choir Our awesome Choir Directors: Mrs. Epperson & Mr. Creed

  6. Titan band Our awesome Band Directors: Mrs. Kahler & Mr. Von Dreau

  7. Titan orchestra Our awesome Orchestra Director: Mrs. Harris

  8. Chick-fil-a, lockers & Netbook Helpful community partners and tools of success!

  9. Chick-fil-a Proud community partner

  10. lockers To help you stay organized

  11. netbook Technology tool to success!

  12. Art, theatre & wheel Electives that make tidwellgrrreeaatt!

  13. Intro to art Our incredible Art teachers: Ms. McClung & Mrs. Johnson

  14. Intro to theatre Our fabulous Theatre Director: Ms. BG

  15. wheel A variety of classes throughout the year! Something for everyone!

  16. Core classes ELA, Math, Science and world geography

  17. Language arts We have the BEST ELA teachers in the world!

  18. math Titan Math teachers are off the hook!

  19. science Titan Science teachers know how to mix things up!

  20. World Geography Titan History teachers… RULE!!!

  21. Physical Education Titan Coaches support you to stretch yourself!!

  22. Forming the class of 2012! from many different places… Respecting the variety of people coming from Granger, Peterson, Hughes, Cox, other schools in Texas, the USA and from around the world… YOU make the difference to accept everyone with Titan spirit and Titan pride!

  23. Enjoy the rest of your Tour! • We are looking forward to getting to know you to support, encourage and help you have the best experience in middle school at the best school in the universe! • Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Adley Titans out!

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