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Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs
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  1. Steve Jobs By: Caitlyn

  2. The Early Year… • Steve Jobs was born on February, 24 in Los Altos. • Steve Jobs hobbies are making Apple products and making computer. • Interesting Fact about Steve Jobs are fixing thing and making it better and making Apple Inc.

  3. Steve Jobs Is Famous Because… Steve Jobs is famous because he made fantastic idea. Steve Jobs invented the Apple computer the and Apple phone’s.

  4. The Later Year… In Steve Jobs Later Year he started making different thing and fixing thing. Jobs was interesting man that did so much work non stop . Jobs is was not an a invented yet but went he got older he made those thing famous.

  5. Steve Jobs Impact On Other’s Lives… Steve Jobs impact on other lives because he was a Cofounder of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs also is Impact on because he Develops and Publishes Software. And Steve Jobs did Computer Animated Motion Picture. Steve Jobs his Invention are Impact I pod I phone I pad.

  6. My Opinion… • Jobs also Impacted on me I have words to tell you about Steve Jobs! • One is Intelligent. • Second is Inventor. • Third is Imaginative. • Fourth is Interesting.

  7. Work Cited Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and the Personal Computer, By: Donald B. Lemke Illustrated By: Todd Smith and Al Milgrom • www.WorldBookOnlie • www.Pebble • •

  8. Fun Fact Steve Jobs a went to college for 4 years he. Also work on making thing. He away went to science classes all the time. Steve Jobs got his degree on science. Steve Jobs was not a easy person to work with because he wanted to make stuff by himself so he do better thing by himself.