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Post-Election Duties PowerPoint Presentation
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Post-Election Duties

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Post-Election Duties
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Post-Election Duties

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  1. Post-Election Duties

  2. FTP Site Secure site for each jurisdiction Files organized by election Absentee results Write-in ballot images Abstract of results Login information will be sent Name, password
  3. Material Return to Hennepin County August 12th - August 19th November 4th – November 12th
  4. Write-in Tally Process – General Election August 12th-13th November 4th–5th DS200 and DS850 produce images of ballots with write-in votes Images are pulled from DS200 and DS850 sticks Posted as PDFs to FTP site County will email you when images are ready Election judges or staff trained as election judges tally write-in votes Scan and email completed tally forms for federal, state, and county offices to Hennepin County
  5. Write-in Images
  6. Material Return to Hennepin County Materials returned are used to: Update or add voter registration information to statewide system Give voting history to all voters Provide investigation information Materials retained for 22 months
  7. Preparing for Canvass August 15th November 7th– November 14th Hennepin County will produce abstract of results for each city and post to FTP site Canvass board (City Council/School Board) August 15th for primary Between November 7th and November 14th for general Review canvass report, summary statements Declare the results No canvassing on the 2ndday
  8. After the Canvass Clerk certifies local results to county auditor Clerk issues certificate of election to candidates, if All financial reports and/or Certificate of Filing received, and After 7 days of canvass, no recount requested or contest filed
  9. Recounts – Publicly Funded August 15th- 20th November 14th-21st Federal, Statewide & Judicial offices If difference is less than ¼ of 1% State legislative offices If difference is less than ½ of 1% County, Municipal, School offices > 50,000 votes cast, ¼ of 1% 401-50,000 votes cast, ½ of 1% 1-400 votes cast, 10 votes or less
  10. Recounts Candidates must be notified if eligible Candidate must make written request with filing officer Recounts outside of publicly funded thresholds may be requested at candidate’s expense
  11. Recounts August 15th - 20th November 14th - 21st Clerk is responsible for conducting any recounts for local offices or questions County will assist in advisory capacity Results are re-canvassed after recount Prepare a recount plan prior to election day Review OSS Recount Guide
  12. After the Canvass August 15th - 20th November 14th - 21st Contest Period 5 days after the primary canvass 7 days after the general canvass To challenge the result of an election in court Usually seeking specific correction Deliberate, serious, material violations of MN Election Law Any voter, including candidate Keep ALL election materials secure until after the contest period
  13. Post Election Review After every state general Comparison of a hand count v. results from electronic voting system Votes cast for Governor, US Senator, US Representative must be reviewed Date, time and location selected at county canvass of state primary Date of PER to be between 11th-18th day after election Precincts selected at county canvass of state general
  14. Other Items

  15. Election Investigation Procedure New in 2013 – local law enforcement responsible for election investigations County gathers necessary materials Forwarded to city clerk Clerk works with local law enforcement to investigate Local law enforcement follows up with Hennepin County Elections and Hennepin County Attorney
  16. Address Updates Send new address, or updated address information to county Used to update precinct finder, OSS poll finder
  17. Billing Cycle Jurisdictions billed in December Invoice sent via mail or email containing the following items if applicable: Courier services Postal verification cards Transfer cases Primary ballots General ballots DS200 maintenance fees AutoMARK maintenance fees
  18. Training Wrap-up Watch for weekly email updates from Ginny Reminders Upcoming deadlines Changes to processes or procedures Contact county at any time with any questions Training power point slides will be available on Hennepin County Elections website
  19. Thank you!