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2014 Children’s Sequoyah Masterlist PowerPoint Presentation
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2014 Children’s Sequoyah Masterlist

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2014 Children’s Sequoyah Masterlist - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2014 Children’s Sequoyah Masterlist. Masterlist Guidelines. The Masterlist is not intended to be an automatic recommendation of the books.

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2014 Children’s Sequoyah Masterlist

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Masterlist Guidelines

The Masterlist is not intended to be an automatic recommendation of the books.

Students in grades 3-5 who have read or listened to at least 3 books from the Children’s Masterlist are eligible to vote for the Children’s Sequoyah Book Award. Students vote in March and ballots should be submitted to the Oklahoma Library Association by April 1 of each year. Winners will be announced at the OLA Conference in April.

Enjoy the selections and happy reading!


Fifth-grader Margie had looked forward to her cousin Lupe coming from Mexico to live with her family; but as her cousin struggles to learn English and adapt to California life, Margie, proud to be 100% American, is embarrassed by Lupe at school and jealous of her at home.


Twelve-year-old Ari Fish believes that the rare trading card he finds has changed his luck and that of his soccer team. But when a girl joins his team and the card goes missing, Ari must learn to make his own luck before his team falls apart.


At the close of World War II all things German were hated and destroyed by the Russian people. When thirteen-year-old Mikhail discovers a wounded man and his German Shepherd in the woods, he helps them and, when the man died, determines to keep the dog at any cost.


When twelve-year-old Foster McFee, who dreams of having her own cooking show, and her mother flee Nashville and her mother’s abusive ex-boyfriend, they find themselves in Culpepper, West Virginia, where Foster’s amazing cupcakes bring her closer to fame.


J.J. Tully, a retired search and rescue dog, is living a quiet life in the country when Moosh, a mother hen, asks for his help in finding her missing chicks. The search leads inside where they must face Vince, the alpha dog, and a rescue attempt that leaves J.J. in danger.


Twelve-year-old Erik, preparing for his first hunting trip, learns his parents are being deployed to Iraq and he must stay with grandparents he barely knows in North Dakota. While there, Erik rescues a dog and runs away to survive on his own in the wilderness.


Castle Glower changes and grows, especially on Tuesdays, and young Princess Celie notices and maps every change; so perhaps she is the only one who can save the kingdom when her parents are presumed dead after an attack on their royal caravan and usurpers try to take over the castle.


Eleven-year-old Jack finds himself stranded at a campsite in Maine when his unpredictable mother takes off. Jack attempts to figure things out on his own and return home to Boston before the authorities catch on, embarking on the long journey south alone.


Through a series of free-verse poems, ten-year-old Há chronicles her family’s 1975 flight from Saigon and resettlement in Alabama.


Third grade tomboy Marty McGuire is horrified when her teacher selects her for the lead role in the class play and must figure out a way to stay true to herself while playing a princess.


A sweeping account of United States history, focusing on events that influenced African-Americans and how they advanced liberty and justice in America, is narrated in the voice of an unnamed African American elder.


Brief text and a collection of photographs detail the story of Audie, one of the many dogs rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring, and the efforts of many to rehabilitate the puppy and offer him a new life.


When Captain Amazing, the superhero of Metro City, is laid up with a peanut allergy, his four pets (a dog, a cat, a chameleon, and a hamster) compete for more one-on-one time with their owner and the coveted position of Captain Amazing’s new sidekick.


A cat uses haiku to tell his tale of shelter life, going home with a new family and settling in with them, all the while letting them know who is boss and forging a bond with his new boy.


Every time eight-year-old EllRay Jakes tries to defend himself against the class bully, EllRay is the one who winds up in trouble. Then his dad offers him a deal: If EllRay can stay out of trouble for a week, they'll go to Disneyland!


Twelve-year-old Meggie Blue and her family must flee their sleepy North Carolina town when a mob breaks into their home looking for aliens; but there is not enough time to program the "Chariot" properly, and they find themselves on a strange, dangerous alternative Earth.