thomas jefferson s legislation n.
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Thomas Jefferson’s Legislation PowerPoint Presentation
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Thomas Jefferson’s Legislation

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Thomas Jefferson’s Legislation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thomas Jefferson’s Legislation. International Policy. How did the election of Jefferson change the national government?. Focus on International Policy. Barbary Coast. Algiers, Monaco, Tunis, and Tripoli. Barbary Pirates.

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Thomas Jefferson’s Legislation

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how did the election of jefferson change the national government

How did the election of Jefferson change the national government?

Focus on International Policy

barbary coast
Barbary Coast
  • Algiers, Monaco, Tunis, and Tripoli
barbary pirates
Barbary Pirates
  • America had been paying tribute to the Barbary states since they received their independence mostly because Congress believed it was cheaper than going to war.
  • Once Jefferson became president he refused to agree to Tripoli's demands for a payment of $225,000 and an yearly payment of $25,000. Tripoli then declared war on the United States.
    • A 4 year naval war would occur
    • The U.S. would have a slight victory, but still be required to pay tribute through 1815.
end of foreign slave trade
End of foreign slave trade
  • Jefferson had long struggled with our ideas of democracy and the ownership of slaves.
    • Tried to force the country to deal wit it during the Revolution and several times later
    • In England slavery was not common place after 1792, but would still be legal throughout the British Empire until 1833
  • January 1, 1808 ban is placed on the transatlantic slave trade
    • Constitution would not allow for its ban earlier
  • This ban had no effect on the buying, selling, and owning of slaves within the U.S.
embargo act
Embargo Act
  • Great Britain and France were stealing our ships, sailors, and goods.
  • Jefferson requests Congress pass a law that:
    • Closes U.S. ports to all exports in shipping
    • Restrictions on British imports
  • How did this effect the United States?
    • Drastically hurt the U.S. economy both business and farmers
non intercourse act
Non-Intercourse Act
  • 1809
  • Lifted all embargos on shipping except for those to Great Britain and France.
  • What was Jefferson’s hope with this new act?