mazury the green lungs of poland
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MAZURY - „ The Green Lungs ” of Poland

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MAZURY - „ The Green Lungs ” of Poland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MAZURY - „ The Green Lungs ” of Poland. Błażej Orłowski and Adam Neumann.

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mazury the green lungs of poland

MAZURY - „The Green Lungs” of Poland

Błażej Orłowski and Adam Neumann

The lakeregionofMazuryin Poland– thereareover 2.000 lakesas well as large forestsandhistorictowns. Itis a paradiseforsailing, windsurfingandoutdooractivities such ashiking, fishing, kayaking, bicyclingandhorsebackridingduringthe warm summermonths, and also offers a rangeof winter activities.
ma zury the wonder of nature
Mazury– The Wonder Of Nature

The world-famous competition attempting to create a list of 7 natural wonders has been organized by the Swiss-based New7Wonders Foundation. Until the end of 2008 the Internet users all over the world voted for over 400 candidates representing 224 countries. Only 261 places from 222 countries were admitted to the next stage of the contest, among them the Great Masurian Lakes.

Masuria has been considered one of the 28 most beautiful places in the world and one of the 5 most beautiful places in Europe.
MazuryLake Districtislocated in north-easternPolandclosetotheborderwithLithuania. The sparselyinhabitedregionhas a greatnumberoflakes.The areahasbecome a popularvacationdestinationforPolishpeople and foreigners. Especiallythecentral Great MazuryLakesregionaroundthetownsofGizyckoandMikolajkiattracts a lotofvisitors.
In additiontolakes,the Mazuryregion also hasmanyriversgreat forfishingandforestareasthatoffermanytrailsfortrekkingandbiking. Thereis also a nicevarietyofwildlife, edibleberriesandmushrooms, and large protectedareas, includingtheMazuryLandscape Park thatincludes 11 naturereserves such astheLuknajo Lake thatis a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, ortheBoreckaPushchaforestwith a breedingstationfor European Bisons.
Awidevarietyoflakesconnectedwithriversandcanalsoffersgreatpossibilitiesforkayaking in Mazury. Duringthe winter, youcantryice-sailing, cross-countryskiingandicefishing. Thereis also a golf course in thearea, andyoucaneventryfreshwaterdiving in thelakes.