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Green Manufacturing

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Green Manufacturing. By Jennifer Tran OISM 470 W Section 3. Topic Overview. What is green manufacturing? Goals Why green manufacturing. Benefits . Topic Overview . How it works? Different Aspects Example in the real world. Summary. What is green manufacturing?.

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green manufacturing

Green Manufacturing

By Jennifer Tran

OISM 470 W

Section 3

topic overview
Topic Overview
  • What is green manufacturing?
  • Goals
  • Why green manufacturing.
  • Benefits
topic overview3
Topic Overview
  • How it works?
  • Different Aspects
  • Example in the real world.
  • Summary
what is green manufacturing
What is green manufacturing?
  • Method for manufacturing that minimizes waste and pollution achieved through product and process design.
  • Philosophy rather than an adopted process or standard.
green manufacturing s goal
Green Manufacturing’s Goal
  • The goal of sustainability.
    • Every company when it comes to green manufacturing should be conserving natural resources for future generations.
why green manufacturing
Why Green Manufacturing?
  • Manufacturer’s Responsibilities
    • Where does a manufacturer’s responsibility end?
    • What is an acceptable level of toxic emission?
benefits of green manufacturing
Benefits Of Green Manufacturing
  • Creates a great reputation to the public.
  • Saves useless cost.
  • Promotes Research and Design.
process of green manufacturing
Process of Green Manufacturing
  • Companies move from traditional end-of-pipe control to new technologies.
  • End-Of-Life Management
process of green manufacturing9
Process of Green Manufacturing
  • Waste source reduction on the spot.
  • Recycling
  • Virgin Materials are recycled
process of green manufacturing10
Process of Green Manufacturing
  • Invest in production process improvements rather than control technology.
    • $7.2 billion spent by corporate companies in reducing pollution of which $3.2 billion was used for pollution process enhancement.

Richard Florida, California Management, v39, (Fall 1996):p80-105

process of green manufacturing11
Process of Green Manufacturing
  • Advanced manufacturing systems promotes green design and production strategies.
  • Development of innovative manufacturing systems.
process of green manufacturing12
Process of Green Manufacturing
  • Reduction in “leapfrogging from lily pad to lily pad.” (Bergstrom, 50)
  • Substitute renewable sources for finite ones.
  • Funding research facilities.
process of green manufacturing13
Process of Green Manufacturing
  • Employee Recycling.
  • Companies must decide whether to make-or-buy.
different aspects
Different Aspects
  • JIT Manufacturing
  • Zero Emission Strategy
  • ISO 9000 and ISO 14000
what is jit manufacturing
What is JIT Manufacturing?
  • JIT Manufacturing
    • Aspect of Supply Chain Management
    • Emphasis on continuous cost reduction and quality improvement
what is zero emission
What is Zero Emission?
  • Zero Emission
    • “Elimination of all environmentally damaging by products from the production process.”
    • 16% of companies actively pursuing zero emission.
    • 85% of companies are pursuing reduced emission strategies.

Richard Florida, California Management, v39, (Fall 1996):80-105

what is iso 9000 and iso 14000
What is ISO 9000 and ISO 14000?
  • International Quality Standards used by companies on a voluntary basis.
  • Motivates changes
  • Companies is following quality standards that are recognized.
example of green manufacturing
Example of Green Manufacturing
  • Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company
    • produces lawn mowers and bicycles
  • Wanted to develop ways of reducing scrap metal.
murray ohio manufacturing
Murray Ohio Manufacturing
  • Used a chlorinated oil with an additive of graphite to create heightened lubricity.
    • Oil was used as a stamping lubricant
  • Looked at two different chemicals
    • Dry Coating Product
    • Coldkote
murray ohio manufacturing20
Dry Coating Product

Required machinery needed 400ft in length.

Teflon coating that the product left made the sheets more slippery.

Cost of machinery was high.


System was 10ft in length.

Non-oil lubricant

Cost of machinery had a payback of six months.

Murray Ohio Manufacturing
coldkote the winner
Coldkote the winner
  • The benefits of Coldkote
    • scrap metal went from 9% to 1/10 of 1%.
    • Tool life increased 30-50%.
    • Polish time went from 3-4days to once a day.
green manufacturing22
Green Manufacturing
  • Coldkote Green Manufacturing
    • The removal of Coldkote was used with a warm alkaline bath.
    • Coldkote becomes a solid compound once its applied therefore reducing the amount of spilling and dripping.
    • Non-oil lubricant reduces toxicity of company’s waste stream.
are you an expert on green manufacturing
Are you an expert on Green Manufacturing?
  • What is one of the benefit for green manufacturing?
  • Green manufacturing includes employees. True or False. Explain.
  • Why should your company even think about green manufacturing?
answers for the non experts
Answers for the non-experts.
  • One of the benefits of green manufacturing would be reducing cost because in the end the company may not have to shell out money to remove the waste when waste has already been eliminated on the first step. ( Zero Emission Strategy )
answers for the non experts25
Answers for the non-experts.
  • Employees are included in every step of the green manufacturing process. In order to have better quality which is linked to better manufacturing services, employees must be involved from the designing of the process to just recycling office materials.
answers for the non expert
Answers for the non-expert
  • A company should consider green manufacturing because it makes their standards a little higher in quality than others. Saving cost and increasing production could also be an incentive for a company to even think about green manufacturing.
  • Green manufacturing is the elimination of waste through the production process.
  • Companies must step up and take responsibility for their actions.
  • End-of-life management used more often then end-of-pipe control.
  • Green manufacturing promotes innovative design.
  • Processes such as JIT and zero emission should be exercised by all companies.
  • Green manufacturing saves cost but more importantly it saves valuable resources.
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