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Podcasts & Vodcasts: Educational Applications

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Podcasts & Vodcasts: Educational Applications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Podcasts & Vodcasts: Educational Applications by Elaine S. Bontempi, 2006 College of Arts & Sciences Online Education Program University of Oklahoma What is Podcasting?

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podcasts vodcasts educational applications
Podcasts & Vodcasts:Educational Applications


Elaine S. Bontempi, 2006

College of Arts & Sciences Online Education Program

University of Oklahoma

what is podcasting
What is Podcasting?

The term “podcasting” is a combination of two words: iPod and broadcasting. It refers to the automatic downloading of MP3 audio files to a computer or MP3 player in a data structure called RSS 2.0 envelope (or “feed”).

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication, and is an agreed specification of XML tags used to define objects which can be subscribed to through a “RSS news reader.”

mp3 players
MP3 Players

The term “Podcast” is somewhat misleading because it implies that an iPod is required to podcast. Actually, podcasts can be used with a variety of digital audio formats and played on almost any MP3 player or portable digital audio device, as well as desktop or laptop computers.

podcasts vs vodcasts
Podcasts vs. Vodcasts

VODcasting (also known as “vlogging”) is the same thing as Podcasting except that it uses video content rather than audio, and the content is played on a laptop or a newer iPod with video capabilities.

pros cons of podcasts
Pros & Cons of Podcasts


Appeals to Generation X & Y

Uses Voice Communication

Activates Additional Learning Modes

Offers Time-Shift Information

Increases Learner Control


Copyright Issues (Podcasts -vs- CMS)

Potential for Inappropriate Use of Technology

potential educational applications
Potential Educational Applications
  • Podcasts have a variety of potential applications in online or hybrid classes including:
  • Facilitating Language Instruction
  • Elaborating Instruction
  • Facilitating Discussion
  • Presenting Projects
  • Facilitating Analysis
  • Encouraging Critical thinking, speaking, and writing skills
sample educational uses language writing instruction
Sample Educational Uses: Language & Writing Instruction

The following link provides a good example of how podcasts can be used in teaching language or writing skills.

Language Instruction (German)

Writing Instruction (Narrative Closure)

sample lectures
Sample Lectures

The following links provide excellent examples of the use of Podcasts and Vodcasts for supplementing instruction.

Purdue University Podcasts

Imperial University-Vodcasts

sample educational uses promote analysis
Sample Educational Uses: Promote Analysis

The following links provide good examples of how podcasts can be used to promote analysis in online learning.

Analysis Promotion: History/storytelling

Analysis Promotion: Folktales

sample educational uses student created podcasts
Sample Educational Uses: Student Created Podcasts

The following links provide good examples of how podcasts can be used for student assignments.

Create Podcast: Poetry Reading

Student Assignment: Create Podcast (Audio Diary)

Student Assignment: Audio-Journal

creating podcasts tutorials
Creating Podcasts: Tutorials

There are a variety of ways to create podcasts. The following links provide helpful tutorials on creating podcasts using both PC and Mac computers.

Creating a Podcast

Step by Step Tutorial

Creating a Podcast using a Mac

Recording your Podcast: Mac

Automate Podcasting

How to: Podcasting


want to learn more
Want to learn more?

Below you will find links to informative articles on podcasting.

Podcasting in Education

Podcasting in Education: Apple Video Series

A Pocket full of Learning

The Promise of Podcasting

Podcasting and Vodcasting (University of Missouri)

additional resources
Additional Resources

If you would like to learn more about using podcasts for language instruction, visit the following links.

i-Pod Personalizes Language Learning

i-Pod helpful in teaching culture & language skills