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  1. 13 Colonies • Plantation system and slaves • Fertile soil and long growing season • Cash crops – rice tobacco- indigo SOUTHERN COLONIES

  2. 13 Colonies • Great harbors • Good soil for farming • Livestock MIDDLE COLONIES

  3. 13 Colonies • Rocky soil • Long winters • Along Atlantic Ocean • Fishing • Trade • Ship Building NEW ENGLAND COLONIES

  4. 13 Colonies Virginia 1607 • Maryland 1634 • North Carolina 1653 • South Carolina 1663 • Georgia 1732 5 SOUTHERN COLONIES

  5. 13 Colonies Delaware 1638 New Jersey 1664 New York 1664 Pennsylvania 1682 4 MIDDLE COLONIES

  6. 13 Colonies Massachusetts 1620 • New Hampshire 1623 • Connecticut 1635 Rhode Island 1636 4 NEW ENGLAND COLONIES

  7. 13 Colonies PILGRIMS “Separatists” who felt problems from the Church of England were too severe and left for the new world to form their own church.

  8. 13 Colonies QUAKERS Religious group known for peaceful nature and treating Indians fairly. William Penn established Pennsylvania for the Quakers

  9. 13 Colonies Mayflower Compact (1620) Social contract signed by men aboard the Mayflower to govern their colony. It established the idea of self-government and majority rule.

  10. 13 Colonies The first assembly of elected representatives of English colonists in North America. Virginia House of Burgesses

  11. 13 Colonies This document was the first written constitution in the colonies established by the Puritan community in Connecticut. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

  12. Early Europe Puritans wanted to fix or purify the issues of the Church of England Puritans

  13. EARLY EUROPE Protestant Reformation The movement that divided Christians into Catholic and Protestant because of supposed corruption in the Catholic church.

  14. EARLY EUROPE The King’s order that prohibited the colonists from establishing settlements west of the Appalachian Mountains. Proclamation of 1763

  15. EARLY EUROPE German monk who wrote 95 reasons the Catholics Church was corrupt, causing the Reformation. Martin Luther

  16. EARLY EUROPE King John I of England was forced to sign a charter giving people certain rights and limiting his own rights Magna Carta

  17. DATES 1607 In this year, the first permanent English settlement in North America was established in Jamestown.

  18. DATES 1620 Pilgrims establish Plymouth Rock

  19. DATES The Treaty that officially ended the French and Indian war. Treaty of Paris 1763

  20. DATES The Treaty that officially ended the French and Indian war. Declaration of Independence 1776

  21. DATES Colonists fight for independence from England. American Revolutionary War 1775-1781

  22. DATES This was the year that the U.S. Constitution was accepted as the official plan for our nations government. 1787

  23. DATES The United States buys the Louisiana Territory for $15 million from France doubling the size of the nation. 1803

  24. EVENTS LEADING TO THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION GLORIUS REVOLUTION ---William and Mary brought about a change of leadership in England by overthrowing King James II

  25. DATES THE CIVIL WAR Also known as the War Between the States, the United States was divided over the issues of states rights , trade and tariffs, and slavery. 1861-1865

  26. EVENTS LEADING TO THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION An agreement that William and Mary had to sign before taking the throne, to respect the rights of the English people. English Bill of Rights

  27. EVENTS LEADING TO THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION An intellectual movement stressing science and reason- appealed to mostly wealthy. Enlightenment

  28. EVENTS LEADING TO THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Ben Franklin A well known “Enlightenment” thinker who had an idea to unite the colonies. Known for creating the Albany Plan of Union

  29. EVENTS LEADING TO THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION The 1st formal proposal to unite the colonies. (Ben Franklin’s idea) The Albany Plan

  30. EVENTS LEADING TO THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION John Locke Enlightenment thinker argued that people have natural rights.

  31. EVENTS LEADING TO THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Emotional religious conversions from a state of sin to a "new birth" given through dramatic and powerful preaching. It was a new effort to reach out to Native Americans and African-Americans. The Great Awakening

  32. AMERICAN REVOLUTION Lexington/Concord April 1775 The 1st battle of the American Revolution before the Declaration of Independencewas created.

  33. AMERICAN REVOLUTION He warned the colonists at the start of the Revolutionary War that “the British are coming”. Paul Revere

  34. AMERICAN REVOLUTION The British were going to arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock; It was the “shot heard around the world.” Lexington, Massachusetts

  35. AMERICAN REVOLUTION Concord, Massachusetts The British were going to Concord to destroy supplies at the arsenal.

  36. PEOPLE OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Sons of Liberty A secret society of colonists who wanted freedom from Britain .

  37. PEOPLE OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION A revolutionary pamphlet written in 1776 by Thomas Paine supporting American Independence. Common Sense “ These are the times that try men’s soul.”

  38. PEOPLE OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Patrick Henry “Give me liberty or give me death.” One of the most famous of the Sons of Liberty.

  39. PEOPLE OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Thomas Jefferson The 3rd President of the United States He wrote the Declaration of Independence & purchased the Louisiana Territory from France.

  40. PEOPLE OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION George Washington The 1st President of the United States He was the Commander of the Continental Army

  41. PEOPLE OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Samuel Adams Leader of the Sons of Liberty and also helped plan the Boston Tea Party.

  42. GOVERNMENT The first Constitution of the United States which specified how the Federal government was to operate. Articles of Confederation

  43. GOVERNMENT A plan for the orderly expansion of the United States (How to become a territory, a state.) NORTHWEST ORDINANCE

  44. THE CONSTITUTION PREAMBLE We the people,In order to form a more perfect union,Establish justice, insure domestic tranquility,Provide for the common defense,Promote the general welfare andSecure the blessings of libertyTo ourselves and our posterityDo ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Introduction to the Constitution – It tells what the founding fathers set out to do.

  45. THE CONSTITUTION THE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS ARE: The House of Representatives – based on population of the state represented The Senate– 2 senators from each state/equality. Congress

  46. THE CONSTITUTION Branch of government that makes the laws ---- Otherwise known as CONGRESS LEGISLATIVE BRANCH

  47. THE CONSTITUTION Branch of government that carries out the laws---- The President and Cabinet EXECUTIVE BRANCH

  48. THE CONSTITUTION Branch of government interprets the laws ******* The Supreme Court JUDICIAL BRANCH

  49. THE CONSTITUTION CHECKS AND BALANCES The ability of each branch of government to limit the power of the other two.

  50. THE CONSTITUTION The 1st Ten Amendments to the Constitution that guarantee every citizen certain fundamental rights that the government should NOT be able to take away. BILL OF RIGHTS