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POST-WAR SOVIET UNION. POST-WAR SOVIET UNION. RESULTS OF WAR. Economic & physical devastation. Upsurge of patriotism & Russian nationalism. Relaxation of Stalin’s tight control. Closer ties with West. Super power status. POST-WAR SOVIET UNION. POST-WAR STALINISM. Rebuilding.

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  2. POST-WAR SOVIET UNION RESULTS OF WAR • Economic & physical devastation • Upsurge of patriotism & Russian nationalism • Relaxation of Stalin’s tight control • Closer ties with West • Super power status

  3. POST-WAR SOVIET UNION POST-WAR STALINISM • Rebuilding • 4th Five-Year Plan • New round of forced industrialization • Re-assertion of collectivization • Aimed at new heights of productivity

  4. POST-WAR SOVIET UNION Trofim Lysenko POST-WAR STALINISM Andrei Zhdanov • Tightening of control • Clamped down on nationalism • Renewed anti-religious campaign • Re-imposition of strict censorship & control over intellectual & artistic life • Ideology governed science

  5. POST-WAR SOVIET UNION POST-WAR STALINISM Zhukov • Increasing paranoia & suspicion • Fear of “contamination” of western influence • Open anti-Semitism • Purge of Jews from party & government • “Doctor’s Plot” - 1953

  6. POST-WAR SOVIET UNION COLD WAR • Increasing tensions with West • Containment v. Two Camps • Truman Doctrine & NATO v. Cominform & Warsaw Pact

  7. POST-WAR SOVIET UNION COLD WAR • The fight for Asia • China becomes Communist - 1949 • War in Korea - 1950 • Soviet development of Atomic bomb -1949 1st Soviet Atomic bomb: “Joe-1”

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