imam s discourse on death with jaber l.
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Imam’s discourse on death with Jaber

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Imam’s discourse on death with Jaber - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Imam’s discourse on death with Jaber. Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) Reference: The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher, Jafar As-Sadiq. Islam informed us of death.

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imam s discourse on death with jaber

Imam’s discourse on death with Jaber

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as)

Reference: The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher,

Jafar As-Sadiq

islam informed us of death
Islam informed us of death
  • Jaber said: “The Muslims are fortunate. Their religion has informed them in advance about their destiny after their death. Have other religions also enlightened their followers about their fate?”
  • Imam Sadiq replied: “All religions, which were sent down by Allah through his Prophets did inform their followers about their destiny after death, but in no religion is reward and punishment so clearly mentioned and defined as in Islam.”
true muslim does not fear death
True Muslim does not fear death
  • Jaber asked: “Then why is there so much fear about death?”
  • Imam: “There is not so much fear of death as the fear of punishment after death. A true Muslim who has not led a sinful life is not afraid of death. He would respond to the call of his Creator willingly and happily.”
fear of death
Fear of death
  • Jaber said: “In spite of what you say everyone seems to be afraid of death.”
  • Imam: “Most people do not think or care much about death. It is really frightful to those who know the time of their death in advance, e.g. a murderer who has been sentenced to death by the Qazi and is to be executed on a certain date.”
death is a debt
Death is a debt
  • “Allah is merciful. He has decreed that everyone should die, but it is He, who knows the time of death and not the person who is to die.”
  • “Death is a kind of debt which all of us must pay back but no one knows when the demand for repayment will come.”
  • “Everyone thinks that it will be made after a long time. That is why we continue to pursue our normal activities day and night without fear of death.”
allah s mercy
Allah’s mercy
  • “Some people who are totally unconcerned about death, become so greedy that they do nothing but accumulate wealth by whatever means they can, as if they have attained eternal life and shall remain here forever.”
  • “It is the wise planning of Allah that he did not let us know the time of our death otherwise we would always live in a state of anxiety and mental agitation.”
  • “No one would have engaged himself in any useful and profitable pursuit and the fabric of society would have been destroyed.”
death is a change of form
Death is a change of form
  • Jaber asked: “Why did Allah create man and then make him die and disappear?”
  • Imam replied: “Death is only a change of form. A true and well informed Muslim would never be afraid of change. He knows that he would be brought back to life after his death.”
  • “If a non-Muslim asks me the same question, I would tell him that death is a window through which a man must pass to get a new lease of life.”
our previous life
Our previous life
  • Jaber said: “Could you please explain and elucidate this point?”
  • Imam said: “O Jaber, were you alive and fed properly when you were in your mother’s womb?”
  • Jaber replied, “Yes, I was.”
  • Asked Imam: “Were you at that time a small, but complete human being?”
  • Jaber: “Yes, I was a full fledged human being when I came out of the womb.”
our previous life9
Our previous life
  • Imam asked: “Did you think of death at that time?”
  • Jaber replied, “I do not know.”
  • Imam asked: “Did you know have any hopes, fears desires or pastimes at that time?”
  • Jaber: “I do not know what the state of my mind was at that time.”
our previous life10
Our previous life
  • Imam said: “Could you please tell me which was the better place for you to live in at that time – the womb of your mother or the world in which you are today?”
  • Jaber replied: “I cannot say. I lived in the womb for a short time only.”
  • Imam said: “Perhaps the short period of 9 months might have seemed ages to you.”
  • “All people do not measure time with the same yardstick. Sometimes day and weeks pass quickly and other times one hour drags on and seems to have no end.”
our previous life11
Our previous life
  • “You may not remember anything about your life in the womb, but at that time you might have been thinking that the womb was the best, safest and the most comfortable place to live in.”
  • “You wanted to stay there permanently, but were brought forcibly out against your will. That is why you came out crying.”
  • “Was it not a kind of death to you? Is not this world a better place than the womb of your mother?”
our previous life12
Our previous life
  • Jaber said: “Although I remember nothing about my previous life, I admit that my present life is much better.”
  • Imam said: “Is that not an indication that your life in the other world would be much better than what is it today?”
  • Jaber remarked: “But there is no assurance that the life in the next world would be better.”
virtuous people will have a better life in the hereafter
Virtuous people will have a better life in the hereafter
  • Imam: “There is no doubt that those who believe in Allah and carry out His commands would go to a better place. He has made that promise clearly.”
  • “He would not break his promise and send his good servants from a better place to a worse one.”
  • “It is but logical that virtuous people should go to a better place after their death, if the destiny of man is gradual perfection.”
unbeliever fears death
Unbeliever fears death
  • “Islam has assured that they would remember all the events of this life and live there as they used to live in this world. They would eat, drink, sleep and have all the other enjoyments of their worldly lives.”
  • “An unbeliever is afraid of death because he does not believe in resurrection or does not believe in it as a Muslim does.”
unbeliever fears death15
Unbeliever fears death
  • Jaber: “Perhaps the unbeliever is afraid of death because he thinks he would lose all the pleasures and enjoyments of life.”
  • “Exactly”, said Imam, “he is afraid because he does not know what would happen to him after his death. But a Muslim is not afraid of death. He is sure of a better future and knows that unlimited pleasures await him in the other world.”