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Health & Nutrition

Natural. Health & Nutrition. Seminar. Take Charge of your. Health & Well Being. It’s Your Responsibility.

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Health & Nutrition

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  1. Natural Health & Nutrition Seminar Take Charge of your Health & Well Being It’s Your Responsibility

  2. This slide presentation has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose any disease or condition or to recommend a treatment for any disease or condition.

  3. Natural Health The purpose is to educate & help the average person better understand how the Body Systems work.

  4. The 2 Basic Principles in Natural Health 1. Feeding and nourishing the body systems 2. Cleansing and removing toxins from the body

  5. The ideal pH for saliva lies between 6.8 and 7.2 pH Scale HealthypH 5.8 6.0 6.2 6.4 6.6 6.8 7.0 7.2 7.4 7.6 7.8 Acid Alkaline Think of pH as Potential for Health

  6. pH is a symbol for the degree of acidity or alkalinity in a solution. pH stands for “particles of Hydrogen” or “power of Hydrogen”. The maintenance of a stable hydrogen ion concentration in the body fluids is essential to life. 90% of the population are usually too acidic Some examples of health challenges that are associated with overly acidic blood are: pH Levels • Gout Arthritis • Lupus Fibromyalgia • Cancer Heart conditions

  7. A high protein diet (70-80% protein; 20-30% carbs) High levels of stress Diseases: diabetes, emphysema, prolonged vomiting Highly processed foods (containing preservatives) High amounts of sugar in your diet What causes pH imbalance?

  8. Alkaline Forming: Fruits Vegetables Brazil nuts, coconut and almonds Soybeans Lima beans Sprouted grains and seeds Acid Forming: Grains (unsprouted) All poultry, fish, meats and eggs Sugar and syrup, except honey Nuts Legumes Foods that affect pH LevelsIt is important to maintain our pH level to the ideal range. Foods To maintain proper alkaline levels, eat 80% of your diet from the alkaline food list and 20% from the acid food list!

  9. Connecting The Body Systems 1. Colon 2. Small Intestines 3. Liver 4. Lymphatic System 5. Circulatory System

  10. The Digestive System • Where most of the nutrients & toxins are absorbed in our bodies • Learn how the Digestive System works

  11. Feeding and Nourishing the Body Systems: Digestion Step 1: We chew the food As we chew the food, the body produces enzymes to assist in the digestion process.

  12. Digestion Step 2:The food moves down into the stomach • The stomach is the only acidic organ in the body • The stomach breaks the food down & turns it into an isotonic liquid state called CHYME

  13. Digestion Step 3: The Chyme moves down into the Small Intestine • The Small Intestine is about • 21 ft. Long & 1.5 inches diameter • The Small Intestine is where most of the ABSORPTION takes place

  14. Absorption • Inside the small intestine are thousands of finger-like structures called VILLI • The outside surface of the Villi and microvilli add up to about 200 square meters (about the surface area of the singles tennis court at Wimbledon)

  15. VILLI and microvilli are where all of the absorption of nutrients, medications, chemicals, & toxins into the blood stream takes place.

  16. Digestion Distribution of Nutrients and Toxins Everything that is absorbed through the VILLI enters the blood stream and lymphatics, and is then carried & distributed throughout the body (nutrients, medications, chemicals and toxins).

  17. Digestion STEP 4: The unused food passes into the Large Intestine (colon) • The large intestine is about 5 ft. long and 2.5 inches in diameter • This organ eliminates the unused foods and toxins from our bodies 2 to 3 times each day

  18. AUTOINTOXICATON The production of toxic chemicals produced by the colon bacteria, and the continuous diffusion of these toxins into the colon wall and ultimately the blood stream, resulting in possible damage to the colon wall as well as distant sites in the body.

  19. THE COLON or LARGE INTESTINE The American diet is full of white flour and processed foods. As a result, many Americans are affected by waste build up in their colons causing autointoxication.

  20. The liver filters blood Excessive years of toxic filtration and the liver may become impaired When the liver becomes impaired, the toxin produced by autointoxication will affect the Lymphatic System SYSTEM CHALLENGE Blood carries toxins to the Liver

  21. Lymphatic System Runs along side of the circulatory system. It has no pump: fluid is moved passively during muscle contraction.

  22. Lymphatic System { Immune System } Has two main functions: 1. Protects us from infection (viruses, bacteria, fungi) and tumors 2. Clean up intercellular waste

  23. When functioning correctly, the Lymphatic System will dump its waste into the colon where it is trapped in mucus and is excreted However, when the colon and liver are not working to full capacity, the Lymphatic System will find another place to release its waste within the body Lymphatic System

  24. Circulatory System The transport system for your blood (heart, arteries and veins) Before you have problems with your circulatory system,like high blood pressure or heart disease, you could have had problems with - - - Digestion, Elimination, and Autointoxication

  25. All of your body systems must be functioning properly to reach optimal health “There are no fences in your body” Dr. Sheryl Duchess, N.D. Compromise any body system and We don’t function properly We don’t feel well We compromise optimal health FACT

  26. The Typical American Diet

  27. TYPICAL AMERICAN DIET Foods Ingredients and Their Effect on the Body Donut White Flour - When mixed with water makes paste. Donuts have little to no fiber and have big amounts of sugar. Sugar - Destroys B-Vitamins. B-vitamins feed our nervous system and help keep us calm. Hydrogenated Oil -The hydrogenation process was developed in 1912 to harden soap. The food industry uses this process to develop hydrogenated oil to prolong the shelf life of foods. This fake fat or hydrogenated oil can cause lesions inside the arteries which impairs cell function. As this happens over time, cholesterol & calcium will stick to the damaged areas of the arteries thus leading to blockage & hardening of the arteries. Coffee Processed coffee beans –are acidifying. Coffee also destroys our friendly bacteria.

  28. TYPICAL AMERICAN DIET Foods Ingredients and Their Effect on the Body Creamer Substitute Several Hydrogenated Oils ( Fake Fats) - cause cholesterol build up inside our arteries. Nutra-Sweet or Aspartame Aspartame when heated to high temperatures, the wood alcohol in this chemical is converted by enzymes to formaldehyde. It potentially can become a neurotoxin that passes the blood brain barrier causing potential health challenges.

  29. TYPICAL AMERICAN DIET Foods Ingredients and Their Effect on the Body Cheese Burger More white flour which makes paste. Processed cheese is made with hydrogenated oils, and even looks like plastic. Hamburger meat. Our cattle are fed antibiotics and steroids. We don’t really know what meats are safe to consume anymore. French Fries Potatoes fried in more hydrogenated oil. More lesions inside the arteries. Coca Drink Phosphoric acid in soda’s will leach out and chelate the calcium in our bodies. When we are acidic, our body will rob calcium from our bones to neutralize the acid. The 1st bone it will draw from is your jaw bone, a non-weight bearing bone. The sugars in soda will cause acidity.

  30. TYPICAL AMERICAN DIET Foods Ingredients and Their Effect on the Body Canned Foods Loaded with preservatives. If you can’t pronounce the words on the label don’t eat it. Because these can be foreign chemicals, your body may not know what to do with them. Ice Cream All-American comfort food! Commercial Ice Cream is made with over 300 different chemicals, one being Diethyl Glucol used in Anti-freeze & paint removers. Cookies More white flour, hydrogenated oil and sugar. Pasteurized Milk When milk is pasteurized to kill the bacteria, it becomes an inorganic form of calcium. It is not fully assimilated by the body and calcium deposits tend to form from too little calcium in the diet. Milk is also mucus forming. If you fed pasteurized milk to a baby cow for 30 days, it would die. We consume the most dairy in the world, but we have the highest rate of osteoporosis.

  31. Not So Typical American Diet

  32. NOT SO TYPICAL AMERICAN DIET Foods Ingredients and Their Effect on the Body Fruit is high in fiber and loaded with antioxidants like vitamin C and bio-flavonoids. Fruits also contain a lot of water content. We are 70% water and we need food that contains water to hydrate our body. Fruit contains natural sugar that gives you a good source of energy. Fruit is also a great source of phyto-chemicals, which are nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, and grains that contain special nutrients that help fight against cancer and other disorders. Fresh raw fruits are loaded with enzymes and when we eat our foods raw 30% of the digestion is done for us by the food itself. When we cook our food over 110 degrees F, we destroy the living enzymes and our body must use its own enzymes for digestion robbing us of energy. Fresh Raw Fruits

  33. NOT SO TYPICAL AMERICAN DIET Foods Ingredients and Their Effect on the Body Fresh Raw Vegetables Vegetables are mainly carbohydrates that are high in antioxidants, phytochemicals and fiber. Dark green vegetables will help to alkalinize the body and are a great source of calcium. Vegetables are also low in calories and sugar so they feed your body with nutrients without a lot of calories. There are at least 5 different cultures that live extremely long lives where their average life span exceeds 100 years old. One thing they all have in common is they eat a lot of raw vegetables grown in very rich soil. We should try to eat at least 2 large salads per day and 2 to 3 more servings of fresh vegetables either steamed or stir fried in good oil like olive oil. Don’t over cook them so you receive the vitamin content intact.

  34. When we eat this way, our small intestines and villi will be free to absorb the nutrients and the colon will eliminate properly. You have heard the saying “We are what we eat.” In this case, I say, “We are what we absorb.”

  35. Long Term Results From Toxins Leaking From The Colon After years & years of running Toxic Blood through our entire body, it is no wonder why our health may start to deteriorate High blood pressure Allergies Heart disease Asthma Arthritis / Gout Cancer High Cholesterol {The list goes on}

  36. THE SOLUTION SYSTEMATIC CLEANSING 1. Colon 2. Small Intestines 3. Liver 4. Lymphatic System 5. Circulatory System

  37. Use a high quality herbal laxative Add a daily fiber supplement Use a high quality herbal liver cleanse Simultaneously Clean the Colon, Small Intestine, and Liver

  38. Headaches Fatigue & Dizziness Skin Disorders (eczema, psoriasis, acne) Body Odor & Bad Breath Puffy Eyelids Difficulty Sleeping Hangover Feeling in the Morning Swelling/Edema Tenderness Under the Rib Cage Possible Symptoms of an Unhealthy Colon & Liver

  39. Support The Detoxification Process of the Liver with OPCs • One of the best blood and liver cleansers is OPCs • Cleansing the blood will help flush the toxins out of the liver

  40. Once the colon is free of excess fecal matter and the blood and liver have been detoxified, the Lymphatic System can now empty its waste into the colon You can help -- Exercise is the best way to assist the cleansing process of the Lymphatic System Cleansing through a chain reactionThe Lymphatic System

  41. Cleansing and Repairing The Circulatory System Certain antioxidants like OPC’s, Co- Enzyme Q10, Vitamin C and Vitamin E along with certain minerals, in high dosages have been known to strengthen the blood vessels and improve circulation.


  43. Supplement Types & Bioavailability Rates • Tablets -- High quality, without binders and fillers - - - • Limited Bioavailability • Tablets – low quality, with binders and fillers - - - • Limited-to-No Bioavailability

  44. Supplement Types & Bioavailability Rates • Capsules and Gel Caps • Limited Bioavailability • Liquid Herbs and Nutrients • Limited Bioavailability • Isotonic Nutrients • Above Average Bioavailability

  45. Isotonic Vitamins & Supplements

  46. Isotonic Vitamins and Supplements What is Isotonic ? Iso means “the same” Tonic means “pressure”

  47. 90% to 95% absorbable Drink on an empty stomach 5 minute delivery time Delivered to the small intestine with no dilution No binders, fillers, or coatings ISOTONIC NUTRITION


  49. Base Supplement Program Everyone should be adding Vitamins & Minerals to their diet because we do not get them from the foods we eat.

  50. NutriClean™ – colon, small intestine and liver cleanser OPCs – helps eliminate uric acid present in the body Calcium – buffers acidity Multi-Vitamin Complete Greens – helps maintain healthy pH Supplement Program To Get Started

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