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Violence/Swearing In Video Games PowerPoint Presentation
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Violence/Swearing In Video Games

Violence/Swearing In Video Games

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Violence/Swearing In Video Games

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  1. Violence/Swearing In Video Games By Rebecca Ramdhan and Cassandra Giannopoulos

  2. Introduction • Video games are played by boys AND girls. • Video games can influence kids to act violent or swear. • Many people who play video games ignore the ratings on the case. • Violent video games can relieve anger or stress. • Violence in video games is mostly fantasy and cannot be imitated. (However, if you actually try to do so, you may get hurt more than the characters in the video game itself…)

  3. Pros! • Violence in Video Games helps relieve stress or anger in a healthier and safer way than in real life. You can also see reactions in Life Simulation games without getting in trouble in real life. ( • Most kids who play these video games know that they would get in serious trouble if they imitated what goes on in the video games. ( • Some video games that have violence and swearing also incorporate Logic, so kids can spend hours just thinking instead of staring at a screen. (

  4. Pros (Continued) • Violence and Swearing in video games does not always influence the player to be violent or swear, rather the player may already be a somewhat aggressive person and therefore seeks this form of entertainment. • Many video games that include violence and or swearing in some form, are multiplayer and easy to talk about with friends. (

  5. Cons! • While older kids can tell the difference between Fantasy and Reality, there are many younger kids who play violent video games who can’t. ( • Kids can soon have aggressive reactions from constantly playing violent video games. ( • Crimes are linked to violent videogames, such as School Shootings. ( • Academic achievements may be negatively affected by playing video games. ( • Swearing most likely will end up a habit because of the swearing in video games. (

  6. Discussion questions. • Do you think a video game could be good without violence or swearing? Why or why not? • Should violence or swearing be removed from video games? Why or why not? • Do you think that parents should pay more attention to the rating on the video game’s case before buying it for their kid?

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