do video games create violence in people n.
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‘Do video games create violence in people?’ PowerPoint Presentation
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‘Do video games create violence in people?’

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‘Do video games create violence in people?’ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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‘Do video games create violence in people?’. By Abbie Walker 12/9/11. My views on violent video games.

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my views on violent video games
My views on violent video games.
  • I think that people that play types of games like shooting or fighting games are more likely to be violent to people, I think they might play the game and when they have finished playing they still feel being violent and take their aggression into the real world. For example if you were angry at a game then go out the littlest could annoy you and then you could be violent. I also think that it might also depend on the persons life style and wellbeing, for example if people have seen violence them self they might think that it is okay to do to other people.
  • I think people who play violent video games are more likely to have an Xbox as they have more variation of games to choose such as Dead Island, Call of Duty, Gears of war, God of war and many more than violent games than other consoles.
  • I also think the kind of people who are more likely to play violent game are males and are around 16 +. I think this because they find it fun to kill and hurt people in games as they are not allowed to do it in real life. But in some research that I did it shows that people 35+ play more video games than any other age.
realism of image and graphic in violent games
Realism of image and graphic in violent games.

Early types of games :

This was one of the first games that came out. This game called Ping Pong is 1 or 2 players playing against each other to score points. As you can see this game is not violent. This came out in 1972.

This is called Pac Man and came out in 1980 and was one of this first video games in which you need to collect all the yellow dots without getting eaten.

As you can see this types of games are none violent as they only had the technology to make games with black and white and colour.

realism of image and graphic in games
Realism of image and graphic in games.

Mario is a fun family game which involves

Lots of different levels in which you collect

For money. There is all different kinds of Mario games

Such as donkey Kong or Mario kart which are also Muti-player

Or family games.

  • Family based games :

These games have clips of violence but as they are cartoon and not very life like they are more funny than serious.

Sonic is a game which is made up of levels where you need to collect little gold rings to reach the next stage. There is also racing games which more family based.

realism of image and graphic in violent games1
Realism of image and graphic in violent games

Call of Duty is a third person game which

Is meant to be set in WW2 time. In this

Game imagery and graphics have improved dramatically

Since the one of the first games in 1972. The

graphics are much more realistic that are more like

Real life.

  • Violent video games :

Grand Theft Auto is driving game where you

Can shoot and run over people, driving fast cars.

This game also involves swearing and lots of

Violence and breaking the law. The game seems like

Real life which makes people get involved more.

Since one of the first games in 1972 the sound

has dramatically changed and has become more realistic.

Imagery and graphics have become more lifelike, this

May make people take the violence which is shown in these

Games in into the real world.

video clips
Video Clips

This video is of Gun Fight which came out in 1975. This is a arcade game and is played by 1 Player. In the game you have to shoot the other player to win. As you can see this game has very basic detail and the graphics are not that good. Also the game didn’t have very good graphics because the technology wasn’t very good and wasn’t very evolved then.

video clips1
Video Clips

This video is of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 launch trailer. In the game trailer the graphic realistic unlike Gun fight which is very basic. In COD the detail is much better and the sound effects are more life like.

In Gun Fight now we would properly find it funny because of our games now. Because the games now are more life like than before people will play them more and it would have a bigger effect on people than it did back in 1975

cases of violence liked to video games
Cases of violence liked to video games.
  • Grace Shin said in her article ‘Video Games: A Cause of Violence and Aggression’, she says that violent video games do create aggression and violence In people after they have played games with violent content. For example she uses a case that happened in 1999 in Columbine high school, in Colorado. This case was known as theColumbine Massacre. Two teenage boys after playing a violent game went to their high school and then murdering 13 and wounding 23 then taking their own lives.
  • Nothing is for certain why the two boys did what they did but Harris and Klebold played a violent video game called Shoot –’em-up which a is bloody war game which is licensed and use by the U.S army to train soldiers to kill effectively when at war.
  • 68% of households in the U.S.A play video or computer games which has more of the risk to get addictive to or violent due to over playing. Also only 25% of 18 and under play video games with 35% being 18-35. Which tells us that older people play video games rather than younger.
  • In 2009 25% of people that played video games were 50 and over.
  • Also more males play video games than females, but women of the age 18 and over play more video games than boys that are aged 17 and younger.
  • In this table it shows 7 and 8th grade students both girls and boys played video games within 6 months. As the week started more girls played video games than the boys but as the week end on the girls that played the games dropped down and more boys played them. This shows that the boys were more addictive to the games and couldn’t stop playing them.
  • This shows here that the number of video sales since 1996-2004 have gone up but the crime rate shows is has gone down, which means that video games do not make people violent over all.
primary research
Primary Research

I asked a couple of questionnaires and most of

The results came out to show that most males

Play violent video games and are 16 and older.

I also found out by them that most people do

get frustrated while playing them but do not

Carry that on after stopping playing them. Most

People also said that while people do

Sometimes get violent over playing them but

Most said it depends on the person, also most

18+ games were played buy people that were

Under 18.

  • My final view on ‘ do violent video games create violence in people’ is that I don’t think it does because with all the research that I have done it shows that it doesn’t and it depends on the person playing them and whether or not they are stable, their way of life and their wellbeing. For example I found out that video game sales have gone up but the crime rate has gone down which shows that people have become less violent even though people play more video games. I found out that the bigger problem is that people are getting addictive more than violent or aggressive to people. All these games are addictive which is more dangerous because it could harm your heath and you could become unwell. The bigger problem is that when people are additive to games it could make them not eat, not sleep and neglect their family or friends, they could also miss work or college which could make them less their job or place at college or school.