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Donor Quarterly

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Donor Quarterly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Donor Quarterly. A look at what’s flowing at the MSU VTH Blood Donor Program. Barks of Praise…. Donor Of The Quarter…

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Donor Quarterly

A look at what’s flowing at the MSU VTH Blood Donor Program

Barks of Praise…

Donor Of The Quarter…

Hello! My name is Two-Bits Gearhart and I am honored to be Donor Of The Quarter! I am an 8 year old Catahoula Dog who is very friendly and who loves belly rubs! I have been donating to the program since January of 2002! I have donated 20 times since then, saving 40 lives!!! I just became retired on May 20th of this year. In my free time I plan to do all the things I enjoy: coming to mom’s work (MSU), chasing rabbits in the backyard (which I never catch), and playing with my human sister, Rory! Everyone at the Donor Program will be sad that I am no longer going to donate because I am such a happy, wonderful dog. In fact, I have actually sprained my tail by wagging it so hard when company comes over!!!! Congratulations to Two-Bits!

Thank you to all of our donors! A special thanks to our donor dogs that have retired within the last three months: *Willie Matyjaszek donated 12 times from 8-13-03 to 5-5-05,saving 24 lives *Sabrina Clark donated 16 times from 9-19-02 to 2-2-05, saving 48 lives *Boston Devereaux donated 5 times from 12-21-04 to 5-27-05, saving 10 lives *Maxine Phillips donated 5 times from 8-5-05 to 5-12-05, saving 10 lives *Two-Bits Gearhart donated 20 times from 1-7-02 to 5-12-05,saving 40 lives!! *Mr.Boots Leavitt donated 25 times from 9-25-02 to 4-6-05, saving 50 lives!!!! ***More barks of praise go out to our NEW donors; thank you so much for joining out program! *Shadow Hamaker started 4-13-05 *Zip Smith started 3-2-05 *Raven Fisher started 12-29-04 *Blackjack Engel started 3-24-05 *Zipper Striler started 4-6-05 *Gunner Prinz started 4-14-05 *Liam Doherty started 5-26-05*Diesel Sturley started 4-6-05

New ‘Leash’ On Life…We are pleased to introduce our newest donor, Skeeter. Skeeter is a two-year old, neutered male, mixed breed that we rescued from Ingham County Animal Shelter. He Is a Univresal Donor and has already melted many hearts of those that work here! He is part of our dog-walking program here at MSU VTH and will eventually need a permanent home! If you are interested in walking Skeeter, or might be able to give him a permanent home, come down to MSU VTH, or you can call Alice or Rose in the donor room to find out more information at 432-4546.

Pure Purr-fection…

With an increased flow of animals that need blood, our feline blood donors have increased substantially! We would like to extend another special thank you to our NEW feline blood donors! You are all simply purr-fect! *Mayonaka Stevens started 2-9-05 *Chessie Hodges started 3-14-05 *Harrison Hodges started 2-16-05 *Norbert Young started 3-28-05 *Sam Ritter started 4-13-05 *Jade Paradine started 4-18-05

Our Salute to Double-Donor Families!!!!

It is amazing to think that we have over fifty donors currently in our program. We are so grateful to those families who choose to have their dogs donate, and we are even more grateful to those families who have more than one donor in our program! Here is our salute to our DOUBLE-DONOR FAMILIES!!!!! Thank you to Mark and Sherri Fisher who bring Raven and Mercedes in to donate! Thank you to Elaine Striler and Pam Bunce who bring in Zipper and Faygo to donate! Thank you to Haila and Larry Hayner who bring in Lakota and Murphy to donate! Thank you to Dot and Mark Ridler who bring in Hugs and Kisses to donate! Thank you to Matt Holahan who still brings in Vegas and Remington to donate! Thank you to Genia Smith who brings in Axle and Zip to donate! Thank you to Carolyn and Mike Stevens who bring in Nikita and Sophie to donate! Thank you to Kathi Werden who brings in Harrison and Chessie to donate! And, of course, thank you to all the donors aforementioned because without them our program wouldn’t be possible!!!!!


Paws to Remember…

We would like to say an extra special thanks to those blood donors that have passed away within the last three months. Thank you to Boomerang Ocello who donated twenty-one times from December of 1999 to January of 2003, saving forty-two lives!

Thank you to Gipsy Sharrow who donated nine times from May of 2003 to February of 2005, saving eighteen lives! These dogs selflessly helped others by donating numerous times to our program – they will always be remembered and loved by their families and us. Thank you.