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donor eggs a valuable option n.
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Donor Eggs
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Donor Eggs

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  1. Donor Eggs: A Valuable Option Gurgaon fertility Centre

  2. Donor Eggs: A Valuable Option

  3. Donor Eggs: A Valuable Option In egg donation process, one or more eggs are donated by a healthy female. A healthy egg is unavoidable for successful reproduction to occur. Having a baby using a donor egg provides couples with the opportunity to experience pregnancy, childbirth, and to have a child who is genetically connected to the father. 

  4. Donor Eggs: A Valuable Option  You and your partner will have control over many aspects of the process, including when to try to become pregnant.

  5. Types of egg donors Known egg donor – a donor is known by the intended parent(s). Unknown egg donor – a donor is not known by the intended parents(s) Designated donors: These donors are either the acquaintances or relatives of the recipients.

  6. Donor Eggs: A Valuable Option Recruited Donors: Recruited donors are usually young women with excellent reproductive potential who are compensated for their time and efforts in assisting other patients in becoming pregnant.

  7. Donor Eggs: A Valuable Option Semi-Known: The amount of information that is shared is limited. For example, intended parents and egg donors may decide that they do not want to exchange contact information but may want to meet in person at our office or at the IVF clinic.

  8. Donor Eggs: A Valuable Option High success rates The success rate of egg donation is significantly higher. We select the younger eggs to increase the chance of success.

  9. Donor Eggs: A Valuable Option For women above the age of 40, who normally have a lower quality & quantity of eggs, the probabilities of conceiving with a donor egg is 5 times more than with their individual eggs. For more details please contact us through Email id: Phone number:(+91) – 9873875195

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