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IRS Cost Segregation Services PowerPoint Presentation
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IRS Cost Segregation Services

IRS Cost Segregation Services

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IRS Cost Segregation Services

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  1. IRS Cost Segregation Services

  2. Cost Segregation O’Connor’s real estate professionals provide cost segregation reporting for federal income tax reduction by calculating costs of property components and segregating each to the correct depreciation, including short-life classifications. Experience – 10+ years of providing cost segregation and IRS-compliant reports for properties in more than 45 states. Expertise – Exceptional skill in coordinating with property owners and federal tax professionals. Efficiency – Reports delivered faster than any other firm. Client-friendly – Low stress process for clients, with helpful correspondence in less than 15 minutes and minimal documents required.

  3. Cost Segregation Tax Cutting Tips Consider your complete investment portfolio. Cost segregation works for any type property placed in service after 1986. Recoup previously under-reported depreciation without filing amended tax returns. Obtain a free estimate of savings. O’Connor will provide this prior to moving forward. Involve your CPA. Involving your tax advisor with cost segregation experts can optimize the study’s results. O’Connor’s reports are valuable backup for CPAs’ tax filings and are IRS field audit tested. Engage real estate expertise to visit and analyze property. Our appraisal experts know exactly what needs to be quantified and qualified in accordance with the IRS Audit Techniques Guide.

  4. Benefits of a Cost Segregation Study Cost Segregation Study Cost segregation is a conservative, proven and IRS-defined approach for depreciating commercial properties. It is the most accurate depreciation methodology for assets acquired or constructed after 1986. The increased depreciation realized through a quality cost segregation study has a real-time, positive impact on your bottom line.

  5. List of Cost Segregation Analysis Benefits Increase in cash flow Reduction in current tax liability Deferral of Federal Income Taxes Ability to recapture past years

  6. Learn more about cost segregation services @