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  1. TEDDY ROOSEVELT “Walk quietly and carry a big stick!” Neer Patel

  2. Bell Work • Who were the Progressives? • Who was the 26th President of the United States?

  3. Teddy Roosevelt • born in New York • when he was born, doctors said that he would probably never reach his teenage years (sickly) • lived though his childhood and became an active young man • eventually graduated from Harvard University

  4. Very involved young man… • as a young man, Teddy liked to participate in many activities including: • hunting • fishing • hiking • swimming • boxing The general idea was…if you could do it outside, Teddy was doing it!!! This led to him eventually joining the Army

  5. ROUGH RIDERS • Teddy joined the army and started a unit called the “Rough Riders” that were well respected for their abilities…. • fought in the Spanish American war Roosevelt and the Rough Riders on San Juan Hill

  6. So how did this rough, tough, loud, cowboy get to be President of the United States?

  7. President McKinley was elected as the 25th President of the United States • He had selected Teddy Roosevelt as his Vice President to secure more votes • In 1901, he was shot and killed by an anarchist • SO…… In 1901, Teddy Roosevelt took over as President of the United States At first, Teddy was not liked at all by many of the current government officials! They referred to him as the “crazy cowboy”.

  8. Roosevelt as President

  9. Bully Pulpit • One way Teddy often times got his way was by using his power as President • this was called the “bully pulpit” because he bullied members of Congress into doing what he wanted!!!

  10. Trustbuster • Teddy Roosevelt is perhaps most well know for breaking up trusts (or monopolies) • broke up more than 40 business that were eating up the “little guy” • helped Ida Tarbell defeat Standard Oil

  11. Conservationist • Teddy’s love for the outdoors also led him to work at saving the US wild areas • He worked with his good friend and fellow conservationist Gifford Pinchott

  12. Civil Rights Pioneer • Teddy was the first President to invite a black man to the White House for dinner • His name was Booker T. Washington

  13. Active Outdoorsman • Even as President, Teddy liked to participate in outdoor activities • loved to hunt and fish • boxed in the back yard of the White House • played with his kids

  14. Social Reformer • Teddy fought to reform some of the many problems the industrial revolution had brought to the US • Worked on making slaughter houses, textile mills, and other industrial complexes more safe for common man

  15. Teddy as a National Icon • Many people looked at Teddy Roosevelt as the “way a President should be” • he was a progressive President • means he fought for the common man Due to his robust nature, he was made the subject of a countless number of political cartoons Take a look….

  16. most of these cartoons showed Teddy attacking some foe with this physical ability

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