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Teddy Roosevelt:
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  1. Teddy Roosevelt: America’s First “Modern” President

  2. Students will be able to discuss some of Teddy Roosevelt’s life before the Presidency; Students will understand the social and political problems that he faced while in office; Students will be able to discuss several of his progressive reforms; Students will be able to discuss Teddy Roosevelt’s achievements while in office Lesson Objectives: Theodore Roosevelt

  3. 1881- Elected to NY State Assembly (2x) 1884- Wife dies in child-birth days after mother passes away Flees politics and moves to Dakota Territory to raise cattle, but returns when brutal winter of ‘86 wipes out herd Returns to New York and politics Roosevelt’s Early Political Career1881-1886 TR gained appreciation for the country’s natural resources while ranching in the Dakota Territories

  4. 1898- The US and Spain at War • Roosevelt organizes the “Rough Riders”, a motley crew of fighters in Cuba; • Wins national fame when he leads the Rough Riders into battle at San Juan Hill; • Returns to the US and is elected Governor of New York. San Juan Hill Rough Riders

  5. Teddy Roosevelt’s Impact on the Nation’s National Park System

  6. During his Presidency, Roosevelt: • Added millions of acres to the National Park System; • Created several new National Parks throughout the western U.S. • Created new government offices and appointed officials for the management of our national parks.

  7. The Great White Fleet • For a show of military strength, Roosevelt built the “Great White Fleet”; • Ships were painted white to symbolize America as pure, powerful; • Cruised the oceans of the world and visited several continents; • Designed to show the U.S. as a military force to be reckoned with.

  8. Final Thoughts… • 1908- End of Roosevelt’s term of office; • Handpicked his successor, William H. Taft, but came to regret his decision; • 1912- Runs for office on Progressive ticket, fails in bid for re-election. • Taft is succeeded by Woodrow Wilson, who led the US into World War 1 against the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire)