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NewsExplorer Information gathered about one person from news in different languages. Example: Alexander Litvinenko NewsExplorer language coverage.

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information gathered about one person from news in different languages
Information gathered about one person from news in different languages.
  • Example: Alexander Litvinenko

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newsexplorer language coverage
NewsExplorer language coverage
  • NewsExplorer analyses the news in 13 languages and links related news across 10 languages (where applicable).
  • For languages spoken in more than one country (e.g. English or French), users can select to see only the news published in their own country.

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automatic detection of links between persons
Automatic detection of links between persons
  • Example: Alexander Litvinenko
  • Persons and organisations frequently mentioned in related news are listed in the boxes ‘Related People’ and ‘Related Organisations’.
  • The box ‘Associated People’ filters out those people that get mentioned together with Litvinenko and that are not much in the news otherwise.

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visualisation of persons associated with alexander litvinenko
Visualisation of persons ‘associated with’ Alexander Litvinenko
  • The visualised information was automatically extracted from the news in ten different languages.

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Interactive timeline showing the media attention dedicated to the poisoning about the Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in English and German language news.

  • Timeline for English language reports:
  • Timeline for German language reports :

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