el imperfecto n.
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El Imperfecto!!!!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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El Imperfecto!!!!!!

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El Imperfecto!!!!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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El Imperfecto!!!!!!. We have learned about the preterit now it’s time to learn about the other past tense…. Similarities to English grammar. The simple past The past progressive Either “would” or used to” . USES.

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El Imperfecto!!!!!!

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el imperfecto

El Imperfecto!!!!!!

We have learned about the preterit now it’s time to learn about the other past tense….

similarities to english grammar
Similarities to English grammar
  • The simple past
  • The past progressive
  • Either “would” or used to”
  • #1- When describing an action or state that keeps going, and going and going…….did I mention it keeps going?

(but makes not reference to an exact beginning, duration, or end of the action)

did you say example
Did you say example?
  • Cuando estaba en Puerto Rico, pasaba mucho tiempo con mi abuela.

When I was at Puerto Rico, I spent a lot of time with my grandma.

it is also used to
It is also used to…..
  • Describe…..
    • Repeated
      • Habitual
        • Continuous Actions


for example
For example….
  • Cuando era un austronauta, me ponía un traje muy gracioso.
  • When I used to be an astronaut, I would put on a very funny outfit (lol funny).
another use can be
Another use can be…..
  • To describe two things happening at the same time.
for example dot dot dot
For example (dot, dot, dot)
  • Monchito escuchaba al perro ladrar mientras se preparaba para comenzar a correr.
  • Monchito heard the dog bark, as he prepared himself to begin running.
        • (….and get the HECK out of there!!!!)
and lastly the imperfect can be used when
AND lastly the IMPERFECT can be used when…..
  • One action interrupts another
  • BUT THERE IS A TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • The action the interrupts is in the PRETERIT
    • While the interrupted action is in the IMPERFECT
confuse here is an example
CONFUSE?????(here is an example)
  • Miraba al cielo cuando vio un metiorito acercarce. (HAY DIOS MIO!!!!!)
  • She looked at the sky as she saw a meteorite come closer.
  • Miraba the interupted is in the imperfect
  • Vio the INTERUPTER is in preterit
the end of this exciting presentation
  • One fact to know:
    • Mexican’s LOVE churros. So please if you are Mexican or not please go eat a churro.

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