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Student Expectations, Guidelines and Procedures

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Student Expectations, Guidelines and Procedures . Champion High School 2012 – 2013. Señora Garza- Spanish. Spanish. Am I in the right class? Where do I sit? Sra. Garza. Introduction. Welcome to Spanish class. Me llamo señora Garza. Estas en cuarto B138. Guidelines and Procedures.

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student expectations guidelines and procedures

Student Expectations, Guidelines and Procedures

Champion High School

2012 – 2013

Señora Garza- Spanish


Am I in the right class?

Where do I sit?

Sra. Garza


Welcome to Spanish class.

Me llamoseñora Garza.

Estas en cuarto B138.

guidelines and procedures
Guidelines and Procedures

Why do we need procedures?

Students respond.

reasons for procedures
Reasons for Procedures

Everyone knows the expectations

Everyone knows what do

Everyone knows when to do it

Everyone knows how to do it

For safety

For respect

to stay on task
To Stay on task

To avoid confusion

To avoid conflict

To avoid misunderstandings

To avoid making excuses

To work in harmony with each other and to be successful

i have a
I have a ?

Raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged by the teacher.

What if the teacher doesn’t see me?

Wait a while and give her time to look around the room. You would be surprised that she can see you but may be waiting to get to you. 

Write your question(s) down and raise your hand after the lecture to ask.

when the teacher asks a question or makes a comment
When the teacher asks a question or makes a comment…

Raise your hand to respond.

Students are not allowed to chime in and disrupt or degrade another students comment or question.

Teacher may give time for students to answer- everyone needs to wait

what if i am called on and do not know the answer
What if I am called on and do not know the answer?

IDK- will not be an appropriate response.

Try: May I have more information?

Can you ask in a different way?

May I look it up?

Lastly, may I ask a friend?

When the friend gives YOU the answer then you may respond with the answer.

when in doubt
When in doubt

If after you have been given instructions and are still having trouble understanding


Never be afraid to ask.

Asking is important for success.

ask ask ask


If you have any concerns you may speak to me about it. If it needs to be a private conversation, then schedule a time with me to meet.

general procedures
General Procedures

Everyday procedures are important.

entering exiting room
Entering/Exiting Room

Acknowledge the teacher with age appropriate greetings.

Use Spanish when greeting

Greet your classmates with age appropriate greetings

Greet a few people using appropriate greetings and take your seat.


Do not swing door wide open

Say proper good-byes and see ya laters

If need to, shut the door behind you quietly do not slam. These are very heavy doors and can be slam startling. YIKES! Pull handle down and close gently, please.

No pushing or shoving others

entering exiting con t
Entering/Exiting con’t

Have all your materials on your desk and ready to work by the time the bell rings.

Begin working on assignment immediately.

Assignments will vary from bell work to textbook work to one on one conversations with a partner.

bathroom passes
Bathroom Passes

Every student who has an emergency and absolutely needs to go to the rest room needs to have their restroom passes. These are given to you at the beginning of school and are to be kept in your binder at all times. If you do not have your passes DO NOT ask to be allowed to leave the room.

When you leave the room you need to sign out in designated area.

signing in and out
Signing in and out

Sign out using full name, date, time and destination. Failure to do so will result in loss of privileges.

Sign in with correct time

Write legibly

Do not write anything else or doodle on sign out/in sheet

Teacher will initial your pass each time you leave the room. Only 5 passes per 9 weeks. No rollovers.


Be sure there are NO books on the floor.

Be sure there is no trash or any items left on the floor or in the aisles.

Class is not dismissed until I say you may go and all is put away and everyone is in his/her seat.

dismissal con t
Dismissal con’t

The bell is a reminder that class is over, but the teacher dismisses.

Put things away about a minute before the bell.

Sit quietly and wait for last minute instructions.

Feel free to remind teacher a minute before the bell so that we may be ready.


All tardies will be issued through the attendance office via an electronic tardy system.

If you are not inside the classroom when the bell rings, you will be considered tardy and need to report to the attendance office for a tardy slip.

Teachers will be closing their doors at the tardy bell and you will not be admitted without a pass. Please hurry to class!

dress code is enforced
Dress Code is enforced

No tube tops, halters, camisoles, or tops with spaghetti straps.

Dresses, skirts, and shorts must be at least fingertip length in the front and back when the student is standing or walking.

May not wear tops which are low-cut, revealing, or excessively tight. Inappropriate clothing may NOT be corrected by covering with a sweater or jacket.

Piercings are allowed only on the ears. Coverings intended to disguise or conceal other body piercing are not permitted.


Expectations for Academics

Everything we do, the way we behave all lead back to the results we will get academically.

Time on task is the foundation of academics.

Once time is lost, it is gone forever. It can not be recuperated.


I anticipate we will get through chapter 4 by Christmas break.

We will have a quiz on vocabulary the class period after the vocabulary has been introduced. Quizzes are announced in advance. So when you are introduced to new vocabulary, expect to be quizzed on it next class period.

The same applies to the dialogs that are introduced and practiced in class.

instructional walks
Instructional Walks

We will go out for walks

These are to be instructional walks and are to be used as a fun way to relax and learn Spanish. You will be expected to use Spanish conversations or repeat all the things the teacher or another student may be saying. Sometimes you will have a quiz over material covered while on these instructional walks.

walk abouts instructional walks
Walk abouts=instructional walks


Stay with the group

Do not lag behind

Stay on task

Do not wander off to rest rooms or to go get water.

what if i am absent
What if I am absent?

First- go to the teacher web

Next check with your partner. They should have the information on their agenda.

When in doubt- AFTER- you have used your resources- then see me.

written assignments
Written Assignments

Must be legible and must meet the standard format set by the teacher.

All papers must have your name, date, class period in the designated area of paper.

All papers must have title of the assignment on the title line.

Assignments must have page #s and letter of assignment.

tests quizzes

Test times/Quiz times

These are announced well in advance. You should write the information in your agenda- when it was assigned or announced and when it is due.

If you are absent before the test /quiz but were present when it was announced, you are not exempt from taking it.



You must know vocabulary to speak.

You must practice and learn vocabulary at home.

You must practice and learn your dialogs at home.

Much time will also be given in class.

homework due
Homework due?

Homework will be given and you need to write down in your agenda when it was assigned and when it is due. (A) (D).

Homework is due on due date whether we check it or not.


I am available for tutorials by appoint. I am most available in the mornings.

Do not wait to long to schedule an appointment.

It will be on a first come, first served basis

There are also online tutorials on Quia

during lectures
During lectures

Listen and take notes- lots of notes

On many occasions you will be allowed to use your notes on quizzes and for writing tests. If you are allowed to use your notes and you don’t have them, then you are not prepared. If you have problems taking notes, see me and we can make a plan. You will not be allowed to use someone else’s notes.

when taking notes
When taking notes

Write as fast as you can but write legibly.

If you have a question or need clarification, ask-please.

Keep all your notes in one place labeled notes for easy access. Have a tab and loose leaf paper for note taking.

in class assignments
In class assignments

Most assignments are timed. You will be allowed a certain amount of time. Do not waste time getting it done.

What do I do when I am finished?

Sit quietly and study your vocabulary until the next assignment is given.

Do not talk or disrupt others.


50% tests 60% tests

20% quizzes 25 % quizzes

30% daily 15% daily

Onlevel Pre-AP

if you are concerned about your grade
If you are concerned about your grade…

If at any time your grade is not accurate or think I may have overlooked something, please talk to me about it.

If you are concerned about your average see me. Don’t do anything foolish like cheat or copy from someone else.

will i be treated fairly
Will I be treated fairly?

You will always be treated fairly. If at anytime you feel otherwise, please see me.

Students are also treated on an individual basis at times. This is not to be unfair in anyway. Sometimes students have special needs and I as a teacher want everyone to be successful in my class.

academic integrity and honesty
Academic Integrity and Honesty

Sometimes students may be tempted to cheat if they are not prepared or feel there is unfairness to some degree.

Cheating is never the answer and should never be a solution for situations such as not being prepared, not having done an assignment, not understanding something, wanting a higher grade than merited, etc.


Rather than cheating when you don’t understand something or are unprepared, talk to me and let’s come up with a better solution. Never resort to cheating just to make a higher grade. This will only lead you into self-deception and loss of integrity.

If you need to make a higher grade and you are currently struggling don’t despair and turn to cheating or dishonesty- instead see me for solutions.

i do not understand what do i do
I do not understand, what do I do?

If while I am explaining something you do not understand, write down your question so that when I am through talking, I can answer it.


When I want your attention, I will generally say, “atencionpor favor” or “escuchen”. At that time all eyes on me.

I will use lots of gestures to get my point across.

Sooo, when I am talking you are looking at me and listening.

Do not wait for translations because that is why I use gestures, pictures, etc.

procedures in situations
Procedures in situations

Computer Lab

When at lab follow instructions and stay on task.

Do as instructed.

This is not a time to socialize but to learn and practice.

Put headphones away

Do not leave trash or anything behind

expectations for group work
Expectations for Group Work

Teacher will assign groups

Wait for groups to be assigned.

Please do not ask to be put a group because your friend is there

If there are any conflicts with a person, please see me privately to talk about the matter; avoid dissentions if at all possible.

Do not make fun of people.

where do i sit
Where do I sit?

Sit only where you are assigned.

You are not allowed to seat wherever you desire.

You will have a designated seat.

expectations for group work1
Expectations for Group work

When working in groups, everyone must participate. Failure or refusal to participate will result in a zero.

Everyone will be given a task that you are responsible for.

group work moving desks
Group Work /moving desks

Wait for instructions.

Pick up desks- don’t drag.

Be careful doing it.

Move on CUE

Have materials with you.

Do not waste time.

when we do not use our desks
When we do not use our desks..

Sometimes we will sit on the floor. You may not lie down on floor. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing everyday to school so when we do these activities you are comfortable. We also may use towels or things to sit on. So if you would like to bring a towel to keep in class to sit on that is ok.

pair share activities
Pair Share Activities

Stay on task assigned

Continue the oral practice even if you feel you already know the material and are tired of repetition-you need to know the material without using your notes.

Allow yourself and partner to stay only on the assignment.

Work only with assigned partners

technology in the classroom
Technology in the classroom

You will be expected to use your computer to access the teacherweb page and other programs.

You will be expected to take online quizzes and also to do online practice assignments

This will be explained to you later

You will be required to meet the deadlines

quia online program
Quia- online program

The assignments are crucial to your learning.

Failure to do the assignments or meet the deadlines will not help your grade.

Quizzes will be retaken until you get a passing grade; however, there is a deadline to meet.

If the quiz is not retaken you will keep your original grade.

Do you like tacos?

what we value
What we value

Learning and becoming a life long learner

Innovation- coming up with new ideas

We value everyone’s ideas and talents

Time- because once lost it cannot be replaced- we use it wisely- we don’t waste it

Our minds and hearts so we put good things in them.

What we say- speak only things that are uplifting.


Expectations for conduct in different situations

I like strawberry shakes.

conduct behavior expectations
Conduct/Behavior Expectations

We adhere to the Champion Way because we are CHAMPIONS!

Honesty and trustworthiness

Responsibility and dependability

Loyalty and respect

Adaptability and initiative

Contemplation and compassion

Perseverance and courage


academic integrity
Academic integrity

Grades are important, but more important is the learning that you acquire.

Cheating is very serious business and can have severe consequences.

It can lead to a lifestyles of lies and deceit.

It can lead to cheating in other areas of your life like the workplace, etc.

It can lead to a false sense of accomplishment.

It can lead to others losing respect for you and your integrity.

we all have different learning styles sooooo
We all have different learning styles sooooo

Avoid interruptions such as rapping, tapping, drumming, humming, etc.

I will give opportunities to move around. I get tired of sitting too. So we will do different activities.

conduct toward others
Conduct toward others

Never laugh at other students when they can’t say or pronounce something

When a student is being corrected or redirected, please mind your own business and do not chime in.

If you misbehave openly, you may be corrected and redirected openly.

At times you may be redirected or corrected privately-depends on situation.

Refrain from talking out of turn.


Possession of Telecommunications Devices or Other Electronic


Students shall not:

Use a telecommunications device, including a cellular telephone, or other electronic device in violation of district and campus rules.


the district, students, or employees or upload or create computer viruses, including off school property if the conduct causes a substantial disruption to the educational environment.

 Attempt to alter, destroy, or disable district technology resources including but not limited to computers and related equipment, district data, the data of others, or other networks connected to the district’s system, including off school property if the


conduct causes a substantial disruption to the educational environment.

 Use the Internet or other electronic communications to threaten district students, employees, or volunteers, including off school property if the conduct causes a substantial disruption to the educational environment.


Misuse of Technology Resources and the Internet

Students shall not:

 Violate policies, rules, or agreements signed by the student or the student’s parent

regarding the use of technology resources.

 Attempt to access or circumvent passwords or other security-related information of


 Use e-mail or Web sites to engage in or encourage illegal behavior or threaten school

safety, including off school property if the conduct causes a substantial disruption to

the educational environment.


 Send, or post, or possess electronic messages that are abusive, obscene, sexually

oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another’s reputation, or illegal,

including cyberbullying and ―sexting,‖ either on or off school property, if the conduct

causes a substantial disruption to the educational environment.


What do I need for class?

What am I expected to bring everyday?

materials classroom
Materials/ classroom

All textbooks are property of BISD.

Please take care of our textbooks. Do not write or doodle on or in them.

When you check out your book you will fill out a form noting damages to book. You will be responsible to pay for the book if you do any damage to it.

When you get your book put your name in it and my name in it.

materials needed for class
Materials needed for class

LOOSE leaf paper(lots of it)

2” binder

Dividers for grammar notes, dialogs, voc, worksheets, test/quizzes, bell work/journal

Pens: black or blue; 1-2 red pens; pencils, eraser, sharpener

2 dry erase low odor expo markers black, blue

Planner- to write down assignments and due dates.

materials con t
Materials con’t

Girls bring box of tissues

Boys bring 1 roll of paper towels

planner agenda

Everyone must have(required) a planner or Agenda where you write down assignments and when they were assigned.

Bring this everyday!

Use it in all your classes.

Stay organized- no excuses!

textbooks class sets
Textbooks/class sets

These are for your convenience so that you don’t have to carry a book.

Do not write or mark in them.

Do not tear the pages

Treat the book with kindness

Do not put them on the floor

firedrills emergency

During a fire drill you are to follow the designated person to the designated area.

Stay with the class and do not wander off for any reason.

When the bell rings to return, everyone returns at the same time.