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India. People. M. Gandhi. J. Nehru. M. Jinnah. S. Patel. B.R. Ambedkar. Indira & Sanjay Gandhi. R. Gandhi. A. B. Vajpayee. M. Singh. Rupee. City. Village. Suburb. Voting. Indian Ballot.

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Election Commission of IndiaA State-of-the-Art, User Friendlyand Tamper ProofElectronic Voting Machine(EVM)


Left: Ballot box being carried to the polling station

Right: EVMs being carried to the polling station


Voting the Ballot box way

Voting the EVM way

ballot unit details

Ready Lamp

Slide Switch Window

Candidate’s Button

Candidate’s Lamp

Ballot Paper Screen

Ballot Unit - Details
ballot unit internal parts

Ready Lamp

Slide Switch

Candidate’s Button

Masking Tab

Ballot Unit - Internal parts
control unit

ON Lamp

Busy Lamp

Display Section

Candidate Set Section

Result Section

Ballot Section

Ballot Button

Total Button

Control Unit
control unit view of bottom compartment

Power Switch

Connector for

Auxiliary Unit

Connector for

Interconnecting Cable

Bottom Compartment


Control Unit - View of Bottom Compartment
control unit display section


Display Panel

ON Lamp

Busy Lamp


Display Panel

Control Unit - Display Section
control unit candidate set section

Candidate set section

inner door

Candidate set section

outer door

Provision for

thread seal


Candidate set


Power pack


Plug for

power pack

Provision for

Thread seal

Control Unit - Candidate Set Section
control unit result section

Result I


Clear button



Frames for

Paper seal



Result II


Control Unit - Result Section
The voter is identified from the voters list and records his presence by a signature or thumb impression

The Presiding Officer presses the “Ballot” button on the Control Unit permitting one vote

The voter then proceeds to the polling cubicle and after perusing the ballot paper on the Ballot Unit, presses the key against the candidate of his choice

A red lamp glows indicating to the voter that his vote has been cast in favour of that candidate

The casting of the vote results in a beep in the Control Unit indicating to the Presiding Officer that a vote has been cast

He then proceeds to release another vote by pressing the “Ballot” button and the process continues

statistics of interest
Statistics of Interest
  • Around one million machines deployed during Lok Sabha, 2004 polls
  • Low failure rate
  • Costs around US $ 300
  • Estimated saving on the switchover to EVM is Approx US $ 40 million
  • Political Parties and Intelligentsia who initially were skeptical now endorse the machine for its veracity

EVM being demonstrated to voters before

the recent elections held in the state of

Jammu & Kashmir