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  1. India

  2. Map of India

  3. India’s Flag

  4. Country Quick FactsIndia • Capital City: New Delhi (over 12 million) • Population: 1.1 billion • Main Languages: Hindi, English, and 16 others • Main People Groups: Indo-Aryan, Dravidian, Mongolian • Religions: Hinduism, Islam, Christian, Sikhism, Buddhism

  5. More Quick Facts India • Location: Find Africa and the Horn of Africa on the east (right-hand side), then go to the right across the Indian Ocean, and you will run into the lower point of India. India is about one-third the size of the United States.

  6. More Quick Facts India • The Land: The Himalayan Mountains curve along the northern border of India. Below the mountains are flat plains. This is good farmland. Most of southern India is flat highlands, with forests and farmlands. • Weather: India has three seasons. The cool season is from October to February. March through July is the hot season, when temperatures can reach 120 degrees. The rainy season lasts from June to September.

  7. LET’S PRAY… • for the kids of India, that they will learn about the one true God and His Son who died to save them. • for the churches and pastors as they reach out to their neighbors. Pray that God will protect Christians. • for God’s blessing, hand of projection, and anointing on those who work in the Bible schools, Christian hospitals, and Christian orphanages. • that more students will become pastors for the many churches.

  8. BGMC paid for the development of the Junior Bible Quiz program (JBQ) in India.

  9. BGMC supplies funds to IMM so videos can be produced and aired on TV in India.

  10. BGMC provides funds for children’s ministries materials and training to reach the children of India.

  11. BGMC provides funds to Bible schools and churches all over India.

  12. BGMC provided funds for many, many projects in India. Due to sensitivity, we cannot show you pictures of these projects.BGMC helps with orphanages, hospitals, Bible schools, children’s ministry supplies, Bibles, radio programs, Sunday School materials, books, medical supplies, and lots, lots more!

  13. Thank you for giving to BGMC so that the children in India can hear about Jesus.